Home Encounter Guide Rewards

    Rewards are given out at the end of a BEQ or conclusion of a 1:1 roleplay scene. Rewards should match the level of roleplay, challenge, and post number that was implemented in the BEQ or scene.

    Structured RP

    Challenge Ratings

    Rewards for structured BEQs are primarily upon its difficulty, denoted by its Challenge Rating (CR).

    The numbers posted here are the maximum values you may award your participants. They represent what an engaged, contributing player should receive. You may scale the rewards back as you see fit.

    Note: Reputation rewards are capped at 1 per BEQ.

    CR Description
    1 Social. Presents negligible physical/mental danger, if any.
    2 Perilous. A significant threat of harm is present.
    3 Permission to Maim (PTM). Grievous and/or permanent injury may occur.
    4* Permission to Kill (PTK). Characters may perish as a result of their actions.
    5* Permission to Annihilate (PTA). Characters may no longer exist as a result of their actions.
    *Requires Staff Permission
    CR Prof. % EXP Sc
    1 0 1000 5000
    2 10 2000 15000
    3 15 4000 30000
    4 20 8000 75000
    5 30 16000 150000
    *EP cannot be awarded directly. This denotes the EP value of incidental loot per character.

    Rewards - Freeform RP

    Freeform EXP is also awarded to characters who participate outside of the conventional BEQ structure. Per reply that meets the TR minimum and quality expectations, that character is awarded 100 EXP/Sc. It is up to you to track your reply count. If one of your posts gets starred in the RP Snaps section, you receive a bonus 500EXP/Sc. Reputation cannot be gained in this fashion.

    Note: NSFW posts do not grant rewards,

    Affiliation Related Rewards

    After your character has achieved max reputation for an affiliation and has obtained an artifact, you may bless, curse, and title other players within the same affiliation. In certain situations you may bless, curse, and title players outside of your organization. Blessings and curses may effect player stats. However, please confirm with staff that the associated stat effect is fair for both your level and the affected player's level. If hosting a social event, the host may award a special social event title (for example).

    Additionally, Max Reputation characters may award up to 3 AP for BEQ done by their associated affiliation. The 3 AP is awarded through 3 separate BEQ either all related or one-shot BEQ. Once the Max Reputation character has awarded 3AP, they must wait 3 months before hosting another set of BEQ.


    • Max Rep (50) characters can award blessings, curses, and titles
    • The blessing, curse, or title must be fairly balanced to the receiving player's level and needs staff approval
    • Max Rep (50) characters can award 3 AP for affiliation BEQ every 3 months
    • 3 AP BEQ can be ran as related BEQ instances or as a 1 shot BEQ
    • If someone is hosting a social event and wishes to award a title, regardless of affiliation reputation, they may do so