Events are story-driven role plays that involve the core characters of the staff team as well as significant player characters. Events allow for players to shape the outcome of significant stories as well as be able to interact with characters and people they have not had the opportunity to. Additionally, events can last for up to 10 weeks.

  1. Events will be limited to a certain number of slots based on GM discretion.

  2. Don't not RSVP to an event that you cannot make it to (i.e., different time zone). Don't force yourself to be up and risk your health/irl. Do not push others to sign up at bad times for them.

  3. If you sign up for events, please set aside the time to be present. No dropping in and out. The GM has set aside time to create a scenario for you, please respect that.

  4. Interact with others involved in events; these are meant to introduce you to plot important characters you wouldn't meet otherwise.

  5. If you are not interacting with the scene, we reserve the right to withhold rewards or kick you out.

  6. You will not be able to attend all events offered and that is OK. However, this does not mean you start complaining about being 'left out' because certain events will require certain, races, organizations, religions, or simply a first come first serve basis. There will be events.

  7. If an event is not held at a time you can attend and you have not been able to interact with staff members, you should consider hosting your own bounty sequence. We have created this massive world for you to explore. Do it.

  8. Do not rely on staff to be a constant source of content, especially when you have the ability to create your own and freely advertise.

  9. We will be enforcing the 2 week cool down period going forward. Respect our time and we will respect yours.


Quests are specific, individual tasks given out by staff members to players that may lead to larger bounties and story events.