Healing and Recovery

The only in-combat healing available (for now) is to use healing magic. You may apply basic wound treatment (1d3 for healing) outside of combat or seek a healer. Healing magic follows manasurge as well.


Recovery of HP can occur both in and out of combat. Unless you are specifically skilled as a mage healer or a physical healer (which will be added later), you must recover outside of combat. The standard recovery roll for non-healers is 1d3, which can occur every turn outside of combat.

Your character will most likely, during the course of their adventures in Tenebris Realm, suffer injury of some kind or another.  It is important to know how to treat different kinds of injuries for the sake of roleplay. Much like in the real world, injuries in the Tenebris Realm do not simply vanish and will have lasting effects on your character’s life depending on their severity.  Below is a guide to help you understand the different severity of wounds and how long they take to recover. Keep in mind that some of these are at your own discretion, so please have integrity with your RP.