This is an advanced roleplaying mechanic and is not required to participate in the story.

Organization Earnings

Your wealth can also increase by joining an organization! After all, your character is putting in work. How much you earn will depend on your position in the organization.

If your character is in a ranking that is available to adventurers you will gain 25s.

Vet ranking: 60s
Exalted ranking: 1G
Renowned: 3G
Mythic: 4G as long as they are in a renowned position.
Organization leaders: 10G

An example: My server ranking is Vet. My character John Doe is part of the peacekeepers; His position is PC. I receive 35s because his position in the organization is only adventurer level. However, I can either write a letter to my org leader for a raise or petition for a promotion.

Characters in organizations get paid on the first day of every month.

Please be advised that if your character has not done anything to warrant a raise or promotion they may be denied. So be sure to participate in events as you can move up a rank through rep! But even if you do not gain the Org rank up through rep you can still request for a promotion as long as the character has been active in rp.

Characters in wealth level 2 and below who have not joined an organization may qualify for Adventurers Assistance. They can get 3s on the first day of every month so they don’t starve.

Faction Earnings

This is all dependent on the faction. Some may offer their own pay rate. If they do not-- 10s at the beginning of every month for the lowest rank. May add an additional 3s for every rank they climb/settle into. Faction leaders can earn 2G.

Your wealth level determines what you can buy, craft, and how you live. There are multiple levels of wealth, each with their own requirements: