Lyeria is a wonderfully enchanting city between the border of the Rift Lands and Wilds. 200 years ago, the city vanished and, without warning, it magically appeared. The citizens within perceive no passage of time and the city continues to persist. Lyeria is home to demons; with its emergence they now welcome travelers from other city-states. As demons and dragons are natural enemies, tensions are strained between Verdisol and Lyeria. However, demon politics dictate a more diplomatic approach than outright warfare.

Lyeria is a traditional monarchy; there is always a King upon the throne. Legacy of inheritance of Lyeria’s throne, the Obsidian Regalia, is through merit and not necessarily bloodline. Many of the noble demon clans will prepare their sons from birth in an attempt to ascend. Subterfuge, assassinations, and political deals are common as each family tries to gain power and access to the Obsidian Regalia. There are currently 50 major houses and 100s of smaller houses.

High Demon Houses

Alagoth (TBA)
Moonshade (TBA)

Population: 500,000

Biome: Desert, Rocky Crags, Arid Climate

Important Figures:

  • Empress Lorelei Moon

  • Vishera Ulrith

Lyeria Channels


  • A checkpoint on the outer ring of Lyeria, manned by armed guards to ensure proper entry to the city.


  • The outskirts of the city, surrounded by red crags of sand that stretch out for miles.


  • A frightening area for most demons not associated with the Brimguard. This is where their fierce forces congregate, acting as if they were a back of wild beasts. Luckily, their prince is there to keep them in line.


  • The lower portion of the headquarters houses cells for prisoners, some storage rooms, and a small guard station.


  • A nightclub that opens in the evening, for any and all to stop on by to have a drink and a dance.


  • The heart of the Lower District of Lyeria, where many stores, stalls and many other buildings may be found.


  • You'll never guess what's here! Yep, that's right, the streets within the interior of the city.


  • A residential area filled with mostly common demons and some other odd races. Some of the lower noble houses also live in this area. The bulk to Lyeria’s citizens live here.


  • Does what it says on the box, a hotel that houses many a traveller or tourist upon their stay at Lyeria.


  • A lovely little café tucked away within the inner streets of the city, serving only the best homemade meals, drinks and snacks.


  • To pass to the royal district you must declare all weapons, perishables, and purposes.


  • The center of the royal district. A large weeping willow swings in the breeze surrounded by a pond and blue flowers. Many royals will come here as a reprieve from their estates. Commoners and Low Houses are allowed access to this section to sell goods.


  • Vast swaths of land with fantastic estates. The high families of Lyeria live here, plotting, scheming, and partying away their long, entangled lives.


  • Home of the reigning monarch of Lyeria. Within the palace is the Obsidian Throne, an ancient artifact that has selected Lyeria’s Emperors for 10,000s of years. Heavily fortified and only accessible through invitation or high level espionage.