Magical Attacks

Magical attacks are considered energy attacks and vice versa. If you have 20AP applied to the Mana Ability tree, you have access to 3 lvl 1 spells to start with. Spells have their own damage tiers based on numerous factors, it is recommended to read the Spellcrafting Guide for more information.

Like with physical attacks, magical attacks need to succeed to hit. As stated above, the DC for success is 10. This can be modified based on specific circumstances and GM discretion. However, Magic, being more volatile and unpredictable than your trusty broadsword, is a slightly harder top manifest especially in a world in which mana is fickle and unpredictable.  As a result, the DC to successfully cast a magic spell is 5 or 10. 5 when near a mana source (Near a leyline, in a city, on the shores of a mana lake) and 10 otherwise.

Attack Sequence

Combat begins with a declaratory action that is either an attack, defensive reaction, or buff. It is important to note that HEALING does not cause a combat sequence, as it can be used outside of combat.

In a 2 person engagement, the sequence would start as follows:

  1. Person 1 Action (attack, defense, buff), which includes:

    Roll a 1d20 for your attack. A standard pass is DC10 for actions (both physical attacks and spells), unless your GM or some other factor states otherwise

    ➡ 10 or higher, standard action roll for damage or healing if applicable.

    ➡ 2 to 9, Spell casts fail.

    ➡ 1, the attack misses.


Manasurge is a special characteristic that allows for mages to vastly increase their magical output. Manasurge applies to both healing and damage magic. Manasurge requires (to begin), a 20. As you invest more into the mana ability tree, this mana surge rating decreases, increasing your changes to roll for additional damage.

The sequence for mana surge is the following:

  1. Successful 20 (or other mana surge rating)
    ➡ A cast critical (which is outlined on the all stats sheet), you may roll for mana surge

  2. Roll for damage on your spell, either standard dice or a manasurge roll

    ➡ Standard damage without a cast critical below.

A standard spell.

A standard spell.

Cast critical of 20 achieve, manasurge spell damage below:

A manasurge spell.

A manasurge spell.

Your chance to cast critical increases as you increase your mana ability. Towards the higher levels your cast mana surge rating decreases by 1.

A higher mana ability manasurge spell.

A higher mana ability manasurge spell.