Physical Attacks

Physical attacks can either be close distance or range. Ranged attacks, unless stated otherwise by a GM, do not have a higher DC challenge or damage fall off.

Your attack power is derived from your combat ability. Your attack power is showcased as a set of dice, which you roll using Sidekick Bot to see your damage. (Click here to view all stats to see your CA.) Attack power increases as you invest in the CA ability tree. As your character increases in combat ability, your chance to connect with hits increases, as does your damage potential. This is represented by an increasing amount of dice sides you have available.

combat ability.JPG

Attack Sequence

Combat begins with a declaratory action that is either an attack, defensive reaction, or buff. It is important to note that HEALING does not cause a combat sequence, as it can be used outside of combat.

In a 2 person engagement, the sequence would start as follows:

  1. Person 1 Action (attack, defense, buff), which includes:

    Roll a 1d20 for your attack. A standard pass is DC10 for actions, unless your GM or some other factor states otherwise.

    ➡ 10 or higher, standard action roll for damage.

    ➡ 2 to 9, a weak attack. Roll 1 combat dice.

    ➡ 1, the attack misses.


➤ Damage is determined by a landed blow; landed blows can either be weak, standard, or blood surges.
➤ You roll your total damage dice to find your damage output.
➤ Damage is calculated by dropping the last number.
➤ All attacks do a minimum of 1 damage. If you must drop your only number on a roll, you still do 1 damage.
➤ For the examples below, these are the determined damage output:
➡ 17 = 1 DMG
➡ 214 = 21 DMG
➡ 49 = 4 DMG
➡ 157 = 15 DMG

damage examples.JPG

In the following examples, and adventurer has 2d30 available to attack an opponent. The first is a weak hit as they rolled below the 10 success threshold. The second is a standard hit as they rolled a 19. The weak hit does 1 damage, and the standard hit 5.

A weak attack.

A weak attack.

standard attack 1.JPG

Hit Critical and Bloodsurge

If you land a 20 (denoted as Hit Critical), you may initiate a Blood Surge. Blood surge allows you to roll 1 of your combat dice for additional damage, and include that as bonus damage.

blood surge.JPG