Player Made Content

Tenebris Realm allows for players to submit content between Seasons. Some of this content is housed within the Almanac (available in the menu bar). Other content, such as player factions and things that do not fit those categories, is house here.
Disclaimer: Anything you submit to Tenebris Realm to be used publicly is considered a part of the world. We will not remove your entry if you leave the world. We have the right to modify it to fit our lore if need be, as well as reject submissions that do not mesh with TR.


Player submissions to the lore are open between seasons. Any level of player is allowed to suggest:
● Beasts
● Monsters
● Diseases
● Drugs
● Materials
● Plants
● Poisons
● Potions
● In Character Games

Please use the following template per appropriate submission and use either a google doc or drop box document.

Exalted players and up are allowed to create player factions. Be sure to submit to this channel as either a google or drop box document. Please use this template:


Actors of Greed
Dark Water Flintlocks
House Dreyfus
Pathfinder’s Legion
Rogue Coalition
The Brightfang
The Seekers




Player guide to hosting bounties.
Use this in tandem with Rewards.