Reputation is the easiest statistic to measure. Essentially this is your character’s CLOUT. For every event, bounty, or experience they participate in, their reputation increases. As you gain a broader reputation you will be given access to higher levels of the story as well as NPCs. This typically goes hand in hand with an increase in your Server Rank as well as your character’s attributes.

Your reputation increases at a 1:1 ratio per player bounty. Gamemasters and Head Gamemasters can award more than 1 reputation point.


Reputation Rank (# Completed)



1 (5)


1AP, 10s

2 (10)


2AP, 20s, 1SP

3 (15)


3AP, 30s, 1SSP

4 (20)

Seasoned Adventurer

4AP, 40s, 1 org rank

5 (25)

Acclaimed Adventurer

5AP, 50s, 1SP

6 (30)

Local Celebrity

6AP, 60s, 1SSP

7 (35)


7AP, 70s, 1 org rank

8 (40)

Famous Hero

8AP, 80s, 1SP

9 (45)

Mythic Hero

9AP, 90s, 1SSP

10 (50)

Legendary Hero

10AP, 1g, 1 org rank