Roleplay Styles and Culture

Given of the structure of Discord, we can engage in both passive and active roleplay styles, as well as freeform and structured roleplay. These four different types of styles are defined as the following:

  • Passive; standard roleplay response common in forums. There are limited expectations for quick turnaround time in responses, most people are experienced with this style of roleplay. 

  • Active; standard roleplay response common in chat rooms. Older roleplayers, typically those who began roleplaying on AIM or Yahoo! Chat rooms, have experience with sitting down and writing for multiple hour sessions. Once the session is over there is no expectation to continue roleplay until the next session.

  • Freeform; text roleplay that most people are familiar and comfortable with. There are no unreasonable expectations or actions, but your character and the world are at your disposal. (Read more about freeform guidelines here.)

  • Structured; common with tabletop or video game roleplays, there is a system in structure to understand power, ranking, as well as a method to casting actions and spells. (The character creation checklist covers many structured concepts.)

Tenebris Realm blends these different styles into a unique and densely rich roleplay experience.  Our culture, compared to other Discord servers and even forums, is engaging and equitable. Given that Tenebris Realm is an advanced and literate roleplay server, we value in our members:

  • An engaging, enjoyable, and imaginative writing style.

  • Contextually appropriate responses (i.e. brevity to keep a scene flowing, while exposition to describe surroundings).

  • Curiosity and trust to explore unexpected narratives.

  • Maturity to bear the character consequences of in roleplay actions.