Season Four

Journey to Iron Fall

A call for aid was heard round the adventuring world. A mysterious woman, by the name of Selene Q’in, requested help to compete in the Tournament of Houses within Zurak’s Arena. The journey was harsh and perilous, many suffering grievous wounds and a handful dying… Multiple times. At the end of their harrowing and queer journey, the group of adventurers found a hidden trove of Dragon eggs beneath the Arena. Unable to find answers, many left, the knowledge weighing heavily on their psyche.

Opening of Ollariem

All across Esterin, a signal went out in the form of both a magical pull and a mysterious radio interruption. Small investigative teams traveled to follow these signals south...and then some. Across the Darkened Straights they sailed, until they reached Northern Shepherd’s rest. Guided by two Glisari, they traversed what they learned to be The Guardians, only to enter a city that had been hidden since the fall of Surna. With open arms, Queen Nalina Darlewen opened the party, and declared Ollariem open to the world once more.

Something in the Water

Reports of strange happenings originated from Eisgard, enough so that help was called for. Upon investigation, those who heeded the call were surprised to learn that the Brandee’s presence had reached all the way up to the northern city. After a harrowing interaction with a troubled young man, an invitation to ‘play’ was left with a single black rose and the group was led and chased on a wild goose chase from Eisgard, through Dranur, out to Jarden, only to end in Verdisol, the Branded influence a constant threat and companion along the way. At an opulent party, the group learned the terrifying purpose to the game they’d been forced to play: the Branded reached far further than any of them could have imagined. And just when things couldn’t possibly get worse, Dorjan arrived to show them an illusion of Verdisol, burning down in flames. Whether the adventurers chose to believe the Master of Illusions and Mad God? That was up to them.

Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Rebirth.

Death and Destruction have painted the land of Birchwood black. Pain has been etched into the hearts and souls of those who felt the lost of both loved ones and the land. All understand that reclaiming the land when Akubal, it's destroyer, still roams the land.

But still, there is a call… Not for recuperation; but for healing and knowledge. 

The Vagev calls to those willing to risk their life, pairing with the Brightfangs, and split them into two groups. One, to gather as much information from their enemies as possible. The second, to pray over those who lost their lives and bury any bodies found so that they may find rest.

During this mission, many nearly lose their lives, but souls are put at peace and important information is gathered.

Verdisol is at risk...and 'The Eye' could be the key that unlocks it's destruction.

Dark Side of the Moon

A continuation of Finding Caramel from Season 3, Alexi and those of the Moon Glow activate Elseldir’s altar. Instantly transported to the moon, they find a disturbing and terrifying scene. The god was being consumed, quite literally, by an extraplanar monster known as the Harbinger! The group fought valiantly, facing off against hoard of terrifying creatures and the Harbinger it self. The elemental Celosia sacrificed herself to encase the creature… But it wasn’t enough! In an act of selflessness and brevity, the Lunar Apostle Orrian Entumal opted to expend all of his mana at once to help Celosia and protect his family and friends. 

Once the dust settled, the group was able to heal themselves within Elseldir’s inner sanctum, and catch a glimpse of the injured and sleeping god. Perhaps… With Orrian and Celosia’s sacrifice, Elseldir will rise again. Only time will tell.

King Killer

The Brimguard Vishera Ulrith had spent months gathering information and leads on the assassination of the Demon Emperor. Her investigation leads her from Lyeria to Verdisol and back again. On her return to Lyeria, she finds the Brimguard to have gone mad with power and bloodlust. In her rage, she kills one of the current generals and takes his place, whilst at the same time planning a secret venture into the Empress’ personal chambers. On arrival, she and other members of the party find overtly placed Branded items, money, and curious ritual symbols harkening to other Branded activity. It was easy to find the connection between the Empress and Branded…

...Too easy.

With her suspicions mounting, Vishera continues to investigate that fateful night as well as gather her own intelligence. 

A Long Time Coming

A notice is put around cities to gather aide in the retrieval of Jarden's princess who has been missing for nearly three years. They travel across the ocean and find her in the Broken Isles, the old home of the Asrai and learn that these women still fight. Still moving forward...and will perhaps make good allies in the future.

Tuhk Tous

Summer comes in her own time; the music slowly rises to its crescendo, the warming breeze tickles at every cheek, and the earth vibrates with dancing feet. Each day represents a new moment. A feast is laid out for all to eat. The gift of the present, of life, lives in barefoot dances, wind-tousled hair, laughter and song. It is during the day that the Jelwa celebrate freedom, light, joviality, and strength. 

However, during the darker hours of the night while the flames still dance, they pay their respects to their fallen and show that they still persevere; that their sacrifice was not in vain.

All were welcome to join in their celebration of life, light, and strength. And for the first time in centuries, all were welcomed to join in arms with The Vagev.

All Aboard

A small group is hired by Razah in an attempt to get the Trains of the Dragons Cradle back on track. They succeed, with a few alterations, and now both Steam Locomotive and Mana powered trains go back and forth between Taunhill, Jarden, Mistmoore, and Lightvale. In time, they hope all leaders will agree and get the transport running across the continent.