Season One begins and ends with a festival.

Members of Verdisol cavorted and danced during the Harvest Festival, viewing Elena and other members of the Keep. From there she gave a task to those who sought to explore the Frontier. Unfortunately none returned or succeeded.

A great ice elemental and horde attacks the road's walls, leading adventurers to the Luminescent Bay. Unfortunately no evidence was ever found. Another group sets off to the Drowned City, attempting to find a potential mana source for the horde. Those there encounter a broken Death's Gate as well as the horrid Branded known as Fiona. They barely manage to escape with their lives.

Sometime passes, and to the Realm's shock, Lady Somn Gangare is healed and returned the world. This lead to a cascade of events and political intrigue that resulted in the unsuspected reappearance of the lost demon empire of Lyeria. Freshly anointed to the Obsidian throne, King Jurian vows to return splendor to the Demon Empire. With these grand figures reappearing, adventurers begin to spread far and wide. Some are rewarded with Eleseldir's Mark, whilst others are thrown to the Branded and left for dead, or worse, in permanent servitude.

The Magister Healer Virgil manages to find passage to Lightvale, the arcane elves hidden and secluded capital. With a series of lucky encounters and events, he manages (with the help of adventurers) to open the city once more, freeing it from a death gate that only allowed arcane elvish inside. From there, Lightvale begins to fill and grow merry. An expedition is lead to Birchwood via Skull Keep, where a number of adventurers die from a Branded attack.

As the weather worsens, the Moon goes into hiding. A massive Gate, an Altar to the Divine Goddess of Death, appears within the Safe Lands. Adventurers begin to offer themselves, others, as well as gifts to the Gate, both in the hopes of succor from the Goddess Lena, as well as to avoid Death's Shroud. Known as the Sanguinary Rite, this process lasts for a month. Towards the end of the Rite, with Fiona temporarily freed from her madness, the Fairy offers herself to Death to make up for her centuries of sins and blood shed.

Fiona's death seals the Altar, and with her sacrifice Goddess Lena has enough to return her spouse to life. The light of the Traveler's Gate dims and goes gray.

Within the Giant Skeleton, a great power emerges.