Season Three

Travel to the Past

A group of adventurers answer an Ember’s request for aid. They are sent to the past through magical means with the aid of Faelkor, to which they experienced three pivotal events. The first was the Asrai Rebellion it what is now the Broken Isles. The second, the battle of Four Cities, and finally, the actual sun herself vanishing. These events are the framework tithe future of Esterin’s fate... But time has a curious way of changing it self.

Finding Caramel

The Magister Alexi sends request to help find her lost pony. Now a resident of Mistmoore, she sets out with a large party of adventurers to delve into the city’s mysteries. Along the way they come across a massive, underground mining operation manned by a golem who would later be known as ‘Bigs.’ In the melee and chaos of battle, Alexi nearly dies, to which she is saved by one of Elseldir’s children, a man named Kalon.

On their exit of the mining tombs, the group arrives to a curious, hidden garden. Within they find a nexus to Elseldir and the means to find the Patriarch...

Birchwood Destruction

Volunteers gathered to help investigate the largest missing persons case in the realm. During the investigation in Lightvale the group faced a deadly clock and discovered a rune oozing miasma before being transported into Dorjans domain. They learned they were to be used as sacrifices but were given a chance to live if they solved his riddles.

The group struggled but grew in numbers as more sacrifices people were summoned. Riddles were eventually solved and a large door opened to reveal another door at the end of a strange hall.

They found themselves in the presence of the God Dorjan and a dragon by the name of Akubal who is later to be revealed to be the son of the Betrayer who is seeking revenge against Somn.

Portal to Birchwood is opened, by mistake, but that does not stop his attack.

After a fight with Zevar the city of Birchwood is left in flames with the help of Dorjan.

Into the Cascade

Whispers and notes went out throughout Esterin for a crew of people who were able to be...discrete. A small group assisted in breaking into the Emerald Palace in Verdisol in search of the Eye of Yorn. After defeating a fence and finding their way through a hedge maze, the party made their way to the kitchen where they proceeded to murder Lady Somn's chef. The fortress itself didn't prove to be too much of a challenge for the crew, including the chimera that blocked their way into the Cascade. Three replicas of the Eye of Yorn were found in the Cascade, although, after being caught by Lady Somn herself, and cooking her breakfast, they found out that none of them were real. The real Eye of Yorn was nowhere in sight, but was revealed to be an eye of a great dragon from the Golden Age that no normal creature could ever hold.