A search for answers…

Jarden Opening

Jarden, a mysterious, forgotten city returned to the living world as a sleepy enclave. The Chief and his sons attended the Winter Ball in Lightvale, rubbing shoulders with the highest of high and bidding to return to old treaties. Most elves had never heard or even seen a Jelwa before, but the enigmatic Lord Orrian recognized the Chief and his lineage. A pack was struck and the two cities are now slowly working to be allies…

Some curious adventurers chose to return with the Jelwa, intrigued by a city forgotten and untouched by the Darkness. They were led by a Glisari Selah into the Steam Jungle. Along the way they are tried and tested, many found lacking to enter Jarden by the royal prince Za’ire. Adventurers are brought in front of Chief Razah, who grants them safe passage with a King’s Coin. Selah, with her final duty completed, roots at the base of Jarden’s mana river.

Branded Investigation

The Branded have been a constant thorn in the Peacekeeper’s side for as long as the organization can remember. Rumors of people going missing, as well as sudden appearances of water runes prompted Zachary Eden, Lord Knight Commander, to lead an investigation.Adventurers found evidence of the Branded all throughout Verdisol. Connections were found to the highest echelons of the Mage’s Council, where the Mad Magister had conducted human experiments on his staff and vagabonds.

Other evidence was found in the docks, marketplace, and university, which culminated in the mission goers to investigate the Undercity.

The Undercity proved trying and fearful, breaking adventurer’s will to stand to the create in the crack in the wall. Those who survived will remember that day, as they stared into the Void… And the Void stared back.

Faelkor's Relic

Earthquakes hit Verdisol with sudden force. Part of the Territory was destroyed and lives were lost in this natural disaster. On investigation through the Emerald Sea - a swampy, flat terrain as far as the eye could see- adventurers found Faelkor the Guardian. She was beautiful, divine, terrifying, and seething. Her relic had vanished!

Adventurers toiled effortlessly the appeal the Guardian. Eventually she agreed to allow them to find her Relic… They make their way to Lyeria, and learn of a plot between the 3 Demon Houses; Frause, Dreyfus, Zeblen. A lesser demon named Freja helps adventurers find more information, as well as point them in the right direction.

Their mission culminates in a masse battle outside of a hidden outpost! Freja’s lover is confronted with her corpse, displayed proudly by the outpost guard as his trophy. The Adventurers kill both the guard and his horrible pets, while other demons manning the outpost flee! Faelkor makes her appearance- and on entering the camp finds her Relic! As the Guardian takes her relic something very odd happens…

Mana, as all Esteri knew it, becomes lost!

Somn Gangare, Lady of the Keep, uses one of her last remaining Golden Age relics to fortify her territory; preventing the Darkness from overtaking her realm. With warmth garunteed, citizens scramble to make due for weeks as mana (apparently) vanishes from the world. Slowly, those with the highest magical affinity start to feel magic return, but it is different. Stronger. More wild. There was danger but also unmounted potential! Magisters dust off old plans for airplanes and trains… While the Peacekeepers look to the dark sky.

Something is coming.