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General Roleplay Guidelines

  • The minimum expected length for replies are 2 (two) paragraphs (8-10 sentences).
  • Do not meta-game or excessively power-play. This ruins the enjoyment of the roleplay for others.
  • Keep contextual interactions with the environment in mind. Take note of the scene’s settings (temperature, population, location) and act accordingly.
  • Assume realistic consequences. Dangerous actions can incur injuries, illegal actions can result in justice, etc. Your character(s) can and will be punished for blatant, egregious actions, and can potentially be killed.
  • Keep a sense of continuity. Tenebris Realm works on a loose timeline, but at max the same character can be involved in: 1 active weekly event, 1 active bounty (not at the same time as the event), 1 passive RP, and 1 passive event OR bounty.
  • You are allowed to use dice bots, pictures, and linked audio files in the roleplay channels to enhance roleplay.
  • You are allowed to leave a scene if your partner has not responded 3 (three) days; however, please attempt communicating OOC to confirm interest.
  • After 2 weeks of no activity the roleplay is autoclosed.
  • If you repeatedly ghost your partners you will be warned and eventually kicked.
  • Respect other roleplays and ask those already in a scene in OOC if you can join.
  • Multiple RP scenes can occur in the same room.
  • The lore listed on the website is a launching pad not a hard limit. Feel free to use artistic liberties for the sake of enjoyment. Permanent alterations to the world require Staff permission.

Character Creation

Characters in Tenebris Realm are extremely flexible and easy to create. A sample template and calculator can be found on the 'Create a Character' page.

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Bounties, Events, Quests

Bounties, Events, and Quests are active roleplay options in which you can engage with the plot.

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As this is a story-driven RP, your character will receive experience by participating in bounties, events, and quests the majority of time.

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