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The Rules in Tenebris Realm are not all encompassing. As the server grows, the rules and expectations for members and staff will shift and change depending on our population and needs. To be a member of Tenebris Realm, you are required to read the rules and understand them.

General Behavior

  • Follow discord's community guidelines.
  • The age requirement for this server is 18+.
  • We are not responsible for player to player interactions outside of the server. If a member is trying to dox you for information as a result of your membership in TR, please report it to us. This is the only actionable issue we can address.
  • If you are being exceptionally problematic, a nuisance, or are making a significant amount of people uncomfortable you will be warned (or if needed) banned.
  • You are required to post a sample in #rp-samples. More information on this is located in the Next Step channel (in server).
  • Keep topics relevant to channels.
  • Do not vent, spam, or troll.
  • No Un @ able nicknames
  • Do not abuse the pingable roles, you will be warned only once
  • Review our warning system.
  • Familiarize yourself with the concept of Geek Social Fallacies.
  • Our Portal is not a revolving door. If you leave and attempt to gain reentry because of a tantrum, we can enforce a 48 hour cool down period before you get access to the server.
  • Unironic vibe check; sad and negative vibes can bring down community morale. Be aware of what you’re saying and posting. This is a roleplay server, not a therapist’s office.

Activity Expectations

  • You are expected to create your first character within 1 month of entry. 
  • The landing zone is purged on an as-needed basis.
  • Sheetless are kicked at the end of every season if they have not engaged with the server (either through character creation or general discussion).
  • Tenebris Realm is an EXCEPTIONALLY active roleplay server, you will not be able to participate in every possible event, bounty, or quest.
  • If you leave the server you will retain your rank on the rank of your exit.
  • We understand that a lot of life events happen. As such we encourage people to make time for themselves and to mark their accounts as being on ‘Hiatus.’

Staff Duties

  • Do not step in as a ‘mini-mod’ if there is no admin around. Alert a Trial Gamemaster or Gamemaster by tagging the role if there are questions about the lore or server.
  • Gamemasters are the only people who should be giving character feedback without supervision. Trial Gamemaster can give feedback if there is a standard mod online.
  • You are welcome to answer general questions, however if something is not explicitly written in the #lore-player-resources you do not know the answer. Allow a staff member to answer.
  • If we notice you are continuing to answer lore and character questions incorrectly you will be warned.
  • Staff are available to review your questions, roleplay, and to host events. Please be sure to keep these questions to #lore-discussion and #character-discussion. Under no circumstances are you to DM a staff member questions about your character unless they explicitly allow it. This is to preserve visibility of the character creation process as well to dissuade hand holding.
  • Gamemasters hand out official warnings, kicks, and bans. Anyone banned or booted will be in the same named channel #banned-and-booted.


Tenebris Realm as intellectual property.