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The Warning System for Tenebris Realm follows a 3 strike rule: 3 warnings and you are out. In only the most severe of cases do we ban without warning.

The following is a breakdown of warning type and severity.

Verbal Warnings

These can be handed out by assistants and up and are at the discretion of the staff how many you receive. Most often we try to give a handful of verbal warnings (2-4) before officially warning someone, especially if they’re new. You can be verbally warned on any of the following:

  • Not using a channel correctly
  • Spamming an OOC channel
  • Repeatedly found to be begging (art, roleplay, attention, etc.)
  • Bringing up (consistently) uncomfortable subjects
  • Poor RP quality
  • Bothering the admins in DMs with issues that can be solved in server
  • Mini-modding
  • Discussing drama, people, or issues from other servers and explicitly naming and shaming those people

Significant Warnings

Significant Warnings occur in two ways; you have been given verbal warnings more than once on the same or similar subjects, or you have done something so egregious that makes the staff question your judgement. This can include:

  • Posting illegal porn in the NSFW channel (staff discretion)
  • Violating discord’s ToS
  • Mini-modding
  • Harassing other players in public or private channels
  • Attempting to go around one staff member to another to get your point across
  • Fighting with staff over character creation process, roleplay quality, or general behavior

Instant Bans

These are rare but have a set of circumstances that are very straightforward. You will be instantly banned if:

  • You DM Reiko (who is not available for DMs) to tell her, specifically, how she is running the server incorrectly without context or desire for feedback
  • Attempting to raid the server (goodluck)
  • Spamming invites through DMs
  • Posting images of illegal porn in the NSFW channel (staff discretion)
  • Harassing/screaming in voice chat at other members
  • Soliciting members for inappropriate material
  • Impersonating staff
  • Found to be under 18 years of age

Temporary Kicks

On occasion Reiko or an HGM will purge the landing zone or server of people who have not read the rules or created a character. They are typically given a 24 hour notice. If someone begins the character creation process but does not finish, they can remain in the server if they finish the character within one week. Allowing this Sheetless to remain for another week is up to Reiko/HGM’s discretion.

Lifted Bans

On rare occasions a ban will be lifted. This is up to Reiko’s discretion.

Cool Down Period

If a member leaves the server and immediately returns after being warned or kicked, there will be a 48 hour cooldown period. This is to prevent a continuation of problematic behavior, as well as to allow affected staff to cool off. This is done as a fairness to the player. Please note, leaving the server resets your Veteran status.

Member Type Typical Mod Action Allotted Warnings
Members, Sheetless, Arrivals Verbal Warning Staff Discretion
Arrivals Permanent Ban 0 Warning
Sheetless Permanent Ban 1 Warning
Mod Action Occurs When... Warning Given
Temporary Kick 1 Members are kicked if they have been warned and 1 week passes and they do not read the rules. 1 warning to read the rules within a week.
Temporary Kick 2 Sheetless are kicked (typically at the end of every month) if they have been in the server for 5+ weeks without submitting a character or being active. 1 warning to submit a character by the end of the day.
Members Permanent Ban 3 warnings total within 1 month
Members Permanent Ban 5 warnings total within 6 months
Instant Ban At Reiko’s discretion (or a HGM if Reiko is not present), only allocated for the most egregious behavior. None.