Server Roles


Head Game Masters

Those who have devoted a significant amount of time to Tenebris Realm. They help plan season updates as well as plot points, control factions, gods, and can make demi-gods freely.

Game Masters

Full powers to warn, kick, mute, and ban people when Reiko is away. Conduct wide scale social or adventurer quests. These people contribute to the lore document, host events, assure role play quality in-character channels, and ensure rules are followed throughout the server.

Trial Game Master

Are Game Masters who are trying out for the position. They will run between 1-2 trial events to see if they enjoy the process, specific requirements are given to them in the staff channels.


Players rank up through participation and time on Tenebris Realm.
You can read more about server ranks and their bonuses here.
Please be aware that it is the player’s responsibility to notify staff when they have reached a rank up. We are not going to track your time played for you.


You have been on the server for a year! +55AP AP, 15 total character, and the ability to make an adolescent dragon.


Players who have been on the server for 6 months and can create up to 10 characters. These people can post in Bounties and can create player factions or shops.


Roleplayers who have participated on the server for at least 3 months consistently. Exalted can create up to 8 characters. These people can post in Bounties and can create player factions or shops.


A roleplayer who has actively roleplayed in the server for at least 1 month and has roleplayed consistently. These people can make up to 5 characters. These people can create Bounties.


People who have at least one approved character!


Someone who is new to the server and may not have made a character yet. We'll ping Beginner friendly events as well as QA times!


You're in the server but don't have a character yet. Make one!



Those who have a partnership with TR. They can see all of the current active RP channels aside from the NSFW sections.