How to Read the Species Attribute Charts

Different races have different ability point allotment per character attribute (which are siloed in the 3 ability trees). Take the below example, which is a Beastkin. Beastkin inherently have a bonus to CA or R, you may chose where your singular bonus is. Likewise, Beastkin inherently lose -5 MA. This is showcased in the left chart. Many charts have an ‘OR’ option, some in all 3 ability trees. It is up to you to decide this bonus.

On the right is how a player would apply these attribute bonuses. The player here opted to receive the +5CA bonus, received the standard -5MA, and did not qualify for the R bonus. It is important to note that Skill Points are calculated on Applied AP not on Total AP. This is done for balance, and so that certain races do not have an inherent skill advantage over another.

Beastkin Species Chart

Beastkin Species Chart

Beastkin AP allocaiton

Beastkin AP allocaiton

Other Important Things to Note

Species will have standard traits and weaknesses. These are a good thing to keep in mind when crafting your character’s personality and back story. Likewise, starting mana affinity highlights the type of mana you can start with. Averse mana are mana types that the species inherently cannot learn. These are able to be changed through roleplay.

Some species are not "born" in the traditional sense of the word, but made, either by curse or magic. As such, afflicted, constructs, vampires, undead, and void walkers will always have an originating species. When creating a character of this species, you should pull stats from the original race, ( CA, MA, & R, skills) as well as new ‘species’ indicator and combine them. YOU DO NOT TAKE THE STRENGTHS OR WEAKNESSES of the original species unless directed. Also, if you make a ‘made’ species, the origination species must be usable by your rank.

We also track our species count through a Census! This is done to help with balance as well to give a sense of fullness in the world. If there are any species closures they are announced in server. Click here to see the Census.