Ever since Surna’s disappearance, the state of technology in Tenebris Realm has been set back drastically from its former glory.  With nearly all forms of electricity gone from the world, many devices of the old world have been rendered totally useless. To supplement this, the Engineering Corps has developed a method of powering these decrepit devices through a unique use of magical energy.  Mana is harnessed and used in place of electricity to power things like televisions, radios, and even some kinds of weaponry across the world. This is known as Magitech (Or Magitek). However, due to its volatility and expensive cost of production, Magitech is extremely rare and expensive.  Most people do not own Television’s and even some of Verdisol’s lower-middle class cannot afford radios. Magitech has potential but currently lacks the cost-effectiveness to power the world that electricity once did. Most people have learned to live without it and have grown accustomed to living with technology from more than a century back.  Horses and coaches provide sufficient speed with which to travel, oil lantern’s light homes in the evening, and books keep folks entertained in their spare time.

The State of Technology

In terms of decades, the technology present in Esterin is akin to what humanity had access to in the mid-to-late 10’s and 20’s of the 20th century in the real world.  However, as previously stated, technology is still limited to a great extent. Anything invented after this period does not exist in Tenebris realm. Please keep in mind that GM’s and the Server Owner have final say on what does and does not exist within the world.  Even if you can provide evidence to support the fact that the piece of tech you want your character to have may have existed during this time, it is still subject to denial if it does not fit with our vision of the world.

Kinetic Technology

Kinetic technology are items or weapons that use a physical mechanic to complete a task or inflict damage. This is a traditional gun that uses ammunition and a vehicle that is powered by aetherite.

For non-magic wielders or those with a penchant for adventure, the Corps of Engineers provides an opportunity to work on the Frontier using a significant amount of magitek. Those who are accepted to the Corps must have a high mental and physical resilience.

Energy Technology (Magitek)

Technology within Tenebris Realm is limited. As the world was thrown off balance with Surna’s disappearance, many mages and inventors have bridged the gap to create helpful and much needed items of technology. The majority of magitek is powered by mana lakes and springs, which converts the heat and power from those mana deposits much like geothermal power. Much of kinetic technology from non-magic users is salvaged from the Frontier; reminiscent of a time long past.

In the context of Tenebris Realm, these are items or weapons imbued with magical properties or use mana as their ammunition. These could include manatek bows that fire elemental arrows, golems, as well as enchanted armor.

Certain professions, such as Artificers, have found ways to create and fuel new magitek inventions. A select few have access to instantaneous communication devices that run off of stored mana energy while the majority of the general population is reliant on other, more common mana-fueled tech, which includes single person transport vehicles and automobiles. Similarly, light, heat, and some modern conveniences within Verdisol are a result of the territory’s vast leyline network, mana lake, and direct contribution by the Emerald Fortress.


All characters have access to common technology. Magitek requires the user to have some knowledge of magic or the ability to use such a weapon. Other items, such as uncommon and rare technology, require a level of organization, religious, or economic access. The average citizen will not have a private vehicle.

Common Technology

  • Public vehicles

  • Building and street lights

  • Heating and cooling

  • Radios (public broadcasting etc)

  • Basic medical equipment

  • Mana imbued swords, daggers, hammers, etc

Uncommon Technology

  • Black and White Televisions (with access to a limited number of channels)

  • Home phones

  • Small arms weapons

  • Enchanted Weapons

  • Cursed Weapons

Rare Technology

  • Private vehicles

  • Airplanes

  • Significant machines of war

  • Teleportation stones

  • Rifles

  • Heavy weaponry

Prosthetic Limbs

There are multiple types of prosthetic limbs within Tenebris Realm. These limbs range from simple hook hands to intricate manatek. To qualify for a non-basic prosthetic limb you must be at least wealth level 3. In the case of manatek limbs, with mana ability 30 or higher.

More information TBA.


Transportation in Esterin is, for the most part, limited to walking and horse-powered transport.  Due to the lack of technology required to massively produce such technology and the even more pathetic lack of fuel to power fossil-fuel engines, automobiles are extremely uncommon though not completely non-existent. Those who have a prolific amount of wealth at their disposal may be able to afford a magitek automobile or even a small fossil-fuel powered bike. Most common folk, however, rely on their feet or their horse to get around. The infrastructure for trains still exists but none of the cities will incur the cost to maintain and protect railroads. Eventually, if an accord is reached, trains might be functional again.


With the loss of electricity went the machinery normally used to mass-produce complex firearms and ammunition. Inevitably, this also meant that no one was learning about them which spelled death for this particular mode of weaponry.  However, thanks to ambitious and curious minds at the Engineering Corps R&D Cog, many designs have survived using reverse engineering of ancient remains and some innovative thinking. So far they have only managed, however, to bring firearms back up to bolt action rifles and revolving pistols. Automatic weapons exist but they are from the same time period as the designs found for small arms, thus, they are unwieldy and large and require a team of men to operate effectively. Those who own firearms fall into three categories, people who have close connections with collectors, conventional militaries backed by a kingdom, and people who nick them off the bodies off the first two. Though, good luck in killing someone with a gun using only a dagger.


Throughout the Realm there are curious devices of power. These artifacts are often dated to the Golden Age of Prosperity, while others, more rare and unpredictable, stem from the Cradle of Life. Artifacts have unique powers that can range from mere curiosities to cataclysmic effects. Some are the inventions from Demi-Gods, magical races, or scientists. Exceptionally magical races, such as dark walkers, fey, and dragons (to name a few) will often have an artifact they use to enhance or add to their magical retinue.