World History

Cradle of Life

Primordial, molten world. Divine beings shape the physical reality of the planet to their liking. Early life walks the planet.

The Golden Age

A period of marked beauty and prosperity. Esterin flourishes. Thousands of civilizations are born and die through this epoch. The shining, burning light of Esterin amongst the stars begins to attract attention from other worlds. The first known alien contact happens 20,000 years before the Darkness. The Q’Thar crashland and are forced to stay. Other alien species arrive through similar means; their technology losing the ability to function, and still more appear through the various divinely-created portals in the world.

The Golden Age is said to have lasted for 200,000 years. The Golden Age is a marked point in time where civilizations flourished and sentient beings walked the Realm with utmost power and ability. Destiny was no longer controlled by omniscient and omnipresent beings. For the first time in known history, the creations of gods were evolving and moving on their own.

Creatures outside the created races began to emerge. Elementals and fey were species born of the world. They were uncontrolled by the destiny bestowed upon them. Still more began to evolve, standing from the mud to become their own masters. Orcs, demons, and glisari are said to have emerged in this group.

During this time thousands of empires were born, conquered, and died. Only those with the strongest leaders survived. Dragons began to cultivate power and hoards rivaling that of their divine counterparts.

This Age saw the creation of portals to other worlds, advanced medicine and manatek, as well as a general peace among the different civilizations.

Sun’s Fall and Darkness Rises

In one night the Golden Age ended. The Old Ones, beings floating among the stars, the void, and everywhere in between, were summoned to the Realm and cast Twilight upon the world. Called forth by a black chromatic dragon simply known as the Betrayer, these horrifying creatures from the Dark began endless genocide upon the world.

Elseldir, the god of Life and the Moon, was angered; his precious creations were plunged into unfathomable pain and death. As the Old Ones razed, Lena grew to endless power. He banished the Dark Sun to the In Between, outside of Lena's reach. Lena, in turn, banished Surna. With Surna's disappearance, all light vanishes and the world is filled with chaos. The Old Ones, aided by the spurned goddess Kortho, begin to raze the world to form it in their image and to their pleasure.

To counter the Old Ones, Surna sacrificing her Divine energy to stave off the cold and darkness that the beings brought with them. Lena banishes Surna for her impunity, as no Being should ever sacrifice their energy to save mortals. Although this process would not have been fatal, she vanishes from the known physical world. This sacrifice is marked as the “the Sun's Fall.” Countless millions die and civilizations crumble.

But, Surna's sacrifice was not in vain. Although Darkness engulfs the world, Eleseldir, god of Moon and Life, offers his life blood to mortals. This divine ichor fuses it into the planet, and great ley lines and mana lakes spring forth, providing heat and energy to Esterin. The extent of his actions causes Elseldir to retreat from the mortal Realm, hiding from the wrath of Death for abortion of untold genocide and from the creatures that would prey upon him in his weakened state. The Old Ones, thwarted from their ultimate goal, are forced into the Rift Lands and Dark Reaches. There these creatures remain, waiting and plotting for the right time to continue their mission.

Worshippers of the Old Ones emerge, called the Branded. These people are touched by the Old Ones. The Branded receive their gifts at a terrible price; they lose their minds, bodies, and souls. The Branded find any with magical abilities and offer them to unknown Eldritch horrors. Verdisol, for now, remains safe from these evils…

The Current Era

Two hundred years have passed since Surna's disappearance. The Realm, now only known as Tenebris Realm to its inhabitants, teeters on the edge of total annihilation. Bastions of resistance have cropped up, but it will only be a matter of time before the Old Ones mass enough power to finish their mission.

200 years ago the world was thrown into chaos.All but a handful of Ancient Dragons perished protecting their lairs and the populations reliant on them. Those heroes of old have since faded into the history books, their deeds and names forgotten.

Mana lakes and leylines, created from Elseldir’s blood, provide enough energy, light, and warmth for cities and towns to survive. Cities are able to grow and expand with the raw, untapped power of these hidden mana lakes that seem to persist by Elseldir’s divine will.

Outside of the cities and territories, a great bog has settled across the land. The Frontier lands have no consistent or viable power source (mana springs, lakes, or leylines). Great beasts, monsters, and other terrors roam free. A few attempts have been made to build a road connecting all of the cities, but they are found to be quickly overcome by the Wilds if not maintained diligently.. There are minor outcroppings of civilizations throughout this part of the world, which offer bastions within the darkness for those who dare explore the Wilds. Adventurers, guildsmen, and those crazy enough to go into the Dark Reaches often never return, but those who survive are known to come back changed to their very core. Even further are the Rift Lands, a bizarre accumulation of divine magic, portals, and extreme environments. Only a handful of adventurers in history have seen these Lands.

Tenebris Realm is a world upturned. Once a beautiful, verdant planet is now in the grips of interdimensional beings. Old Ones snuff out the Stars in the night sky and the moon. Now, the planet hands in precarious balance, teetering towards chaos as beings and adventurers fight to achieve their goals