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A sprawling underground city, Dranur was built upon a deceased Black Chromatic Dragon’s hoard and mana lake. Drow and other dark-dwelling races, such as Vampires, Undead, Beastman, and corrupted Glisari live here. All are welcome within the city, but be wary if you are a normal traveler. The locals can be a bit bitey.

Dranur is a Republic. Those in power are voted in and out of power at the whims of their citizens.

Population: 20,000 + Transient

Biome: Underground caves, steam, and heat

Important Figures:

  • Rose Sahai
  • Gemini (Daughter of Fortuna Fen)



  • Entrance marked by three blue torches amidst brushland and swamp.


  • The underground city is filled with numerous avenues, both land and water, where all sorts might convene.


  • A lively marketplace taking up an entire street. Might find what you're after here for a steal, but try not to get swindled.


  • Residential area, so called as the myriad living spaces are practically built side by side.


  • For the right price and a bit of luck, The Goldshark Casino can make your wildest dreams come true. But make sure not to leave any blood in the water, lest you're keen on being eaten alive~


  • VIP room in the Goldshark Casino where private, sometimes high-stakes games are played, among other potential proclivities.


  • The Garden is nestled within the warm catacombs of Dranur. Considered a neutral space for any to come and enjoy themselves, it is easy to get lost within the plush, velveteen walls of the establishment. The Garden is a place of solace and safety; there is no violence allowed (unless it has been requested and paid for, of course). 


  • A beautiful bathhouse with an ornate set of pools. Men and women commingle in the mist, while transactions of all sorts take place out of sight.


  • Viable gardens to provide food for Dranur.


  • As the name implies.