Drowned City

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An abandoned city that is more ghost town than sanctuary. Evil things swim and live among the drowned chasms and buildings. Many adventurers will come here to find riches, relics, as well as a reward for information on how the city was destroyed. It is suspected that this is a base of operations for the Branded, but no one has provided any definitive proof yet. There is no active population within the City.

Population: None

Biome: Flooded city ruins, hidden caverns

Important Figures: N/A



  • The submerged ruins of an ancient, magical city. The earth hums with now dormant power, while ruins crumble and fall into the two feet of water that pervades every major structure. It is quiet, aside from the sound of dripping liquid and the occasional shuffle of unseen creatures in the shadows...


  • Once massive wheat fields, the fields have long died. Submerged between 6” to 1 foot of water, these have become treacherous hunting grounds for drowned shadows.


  • As the name implies. Once streets, these passageways offer a treacherous path into the underground buildings.


  • A broken altar that can be used to summon all manner of beings.


  • Located in a submerged cave, the scrying pool allows those to tap into dormant leylines in an attempt to divine the future. 


  • Connecting passageways between the outskirts of the drowned city and its surrounding marshes. Once high, immaculate walls now in ruins. The murky water from marshes have now started to seep within. Mysteriously it appears the currents in this area run in the opposite direction.


  • Lands that surround the drowned city, consisting of mostly marshes and swamps. Many adventurers have lost themselves to these cursed lands.


  • An ancient amphitheatre entrenched in darkness. A source of darkness radiates from the stone lined stage. One can see shadows dancing in the dark.


  • An area filled with Mangroves, where cries of the dead submerged long ago seem to forever echo all throughout.