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A small, northern outcropping amidst the freezing bay water. Eisgard was once an outpost for a vast, ancient fiefdom from centuries past. With its strength already waning, the Darkness pushed this civilization to ruin. Now the proud descendants of heroes and adventurers past reside within these walls.

Population: ~1,000 + heavy transient

Biome: Ice floe, northern settlements with heavy emphasis on hunting, mining, and monster slaying

Important Figures:

  • Ambrose Oss’Tokar



  • A hidden, icy chamber beneath the town-hall.


  • The main gathering point for residents of Eisgard. It houses three large fire pits, tapestries, and tables for public forums. 


  • A perpetually frozen lake with ice of varying thickness. Ice fiends will prowl when the weather is exceptionally bad. 


  • Where the majority of natives live. The residential district is tight and compact, helping to keep homes warm and stave off the perpetual cold.


  • A massive, boisterous inn. On the main floor is an adolescent dragon skeleton from hundreds of years ago, an artifact and reminder of heroes now past.  


  • Icy and cold docks for the few transport and goods ships that dare make the trip to Eisgard.


  • The Athenaeum is strange building disguised as a burial tomb in Eisgard. Inside, it appears to be the resting place for many old heroes, but below, it houses the Seeker's guild hall and massive archive vault. The archive vault appears as a magical library located within the Athenaeum and stores the majority of information the Seekers hold. This vault is well hidden and cannot be accessed by anyone who is not a member of the organization.


  • Four cascading pools of hot mineral water, ranging from near boiling to tepid, create a sanctuary amidst the sharp cold. The ceiling of the hot springs are lined with raw minerals, and with torchlight look like twinkling stars.


  • Etched perfection, the altar has two locations, one deep below the spire and another at the top of the spire above the clouds. If both are activated at the same time, something may happen.


  • The massive mountain that acts as Eisgard’s spine. It breeches above the clouds, but none who have ventured have returned.


  • Expertly hidden among the residences, bandits have taken up a hideaway for their robberies. Presumably, you would need a password to enter, or die trying.