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The ancestral city of En’yre. Gothic buildings of metal, brass, and glass line the darkened streets illuminated by lanterns fueled by magitek or gaslighting. Airships dot the darkened sky above, flying below the purple haze of the city’s protective dome. Before, the shield was used to block sunlight from scorching the denizens. Now it simply offers a curious backdrop that obscures a harsh reality above.

Undead and Afflicted, along with other denizens of the Night, walk the streets freely.

Population: 500,000

Biome: Industrialized, city center.

Important Figures:

  • Xander Kriznarick
  • Camille Beaumont
  • Marolea Bin Al'Taeb, Lady of the house
  • Jeevak Bin Al’Taeb, Saint of Death
  • Madam Icuna Gundred, the Mad Architect and head of Gundred house



  • The central location of the brass and metal worked city. Lamps and lanterns line the streets, offering a source of light that was easy on the eyes. From here a tram or trolley could take you anywhere in the city. Alleyways duck in and out in a confusing maze.


  • Esmere’s most defining, and visible, landmark. A gigantic clock tower that towers over every building. A monolith of stone and brass and various other metals. One of the few sources of true, accurate time in Esterin. Each strike of the hour hand is followed by the ringing of a deep, hallowing bell that could be heard near anywhere within the massive city.


  • Located in the oldest part of Esmere, the Altar is one of the longest standing structures known in Esterin. Bones of ancient beasts from eons ago line the walkway, and the altar itself is a structure built from an ancient leviathan skull. En’yre feel a pulse of power while near it, and the feathers that sprout from the altar are thought to bring good tidings and power to those who can take one.


  • Esmere’s premiere observatory.


  • A theater devoted to the magical arts. All forms of people and shows take place! 


  • A formal, sprawling estate with architecture more suited for that of desert dwellers. The Bin al Taeb clan often makes their presence known through silk fabrics, extravagant and colorful dress, as well as highlighting the feathers on their necks. The household is a centralized piazzo, with more than enough room for the sprawling Bin al Taeb clan and their successors.


  • House Kriznarick, home to the Kriznarick family of En'yre. It's harsh outer stone walls in form with Esmere's architecture, though inside is lavish and well furnitured for a house of their standing.

    In the grand hall lay a silken carpet draped from doorway to high steps, rooms off to the side and on the upper floors. Candle light and the light of a large, silver chandelier illuminates the central hall.


  • Somewhat austere, the Gundred Household aims for simplicity and purpose. Reconstructed after a fire a hundred years previous, much of the family’s heirlooms were lost or severely damaged. As such, the Gundred household is   modern in comparison to other Eny’re groups. Gundreds pride themselves on their use of technology with their magical abilities. 


  • The only factory of its type left in the world, the automaton factory can create sentient servants without using necromancy or enslaving others. Many nations used to employ these beings, but know they are limited only to the very wealthy.


  • A restaurant with divinely inspired cuisine. Assume most food served here would not be for the faint of heart...