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Jarden is a small redeveloping city that was once forgotten after Surnas disappearance. It is tucked at the Southern center of Dragon’s Cradle, intertwining with a weaving river, with closest neighbor being Lightvale.

Being tucked between Steam Jungle and river, while hiding behind the mountains, the weather here meets a constant change but is warmer than most others.

Jarden is known to be the last home of the remaining Jelwari after the unexpected fall of darkness. For decades it served as a safe haven for Glisari who had lost their home trees, and Asrai who had managed to flee from their now broken home. Through upheld ancient spells, natures natural layouts, warriors will, and the sacrifices made by Glisari who were more than willing to root themselves to become shields, Jarden managed to survive the pall of twilight and further destruction from the old ones.

They hid so well-- that everyone outside of their walls believed Jarden to have been destroyed and the Jelwari to be wiped out.

However, when their current chief deemed they were ready, the truth of their survival was revealed and their fight against darkness, which never ceased, continued tenfold.

Since their ‘welcoming,’ many visitors have come, and many have stayed. 

The whispers flow across Esterin, though Jarden may not be overflowing with people, it is rich in culture, nature, and holds secrets forgotten in the times of old.

Population: 35,000 (Jelwari, Glisari, Asrai, Prolonged visitors)

Biome: Stable, tropical, abundant nature all around. 

Important Figures:

  • Razah Ma’lachi Eonichi: King Chief of Jarden, Commander of The Vägev, Lunar Apostle, Primary Locomotive Benefactor
  • Za’ire Malachi Eonichi: First prince and son, Leading Juhend of The Vägev, Heir to the Jarden throne
  • Nevaeh Nalani Eonichi: First daughter and princess, Rahega of Aasira 
  • Haven Terran Eonichi: Adopted and youngest prince of Jarden.
  • Yael the Redeemer: Dragon Guardian




  • The only current way in and out of Jarden lies here, between mountain ranges, at the edge of the deadly drop. Recently train station has been built between mountains and waterfall allowing easier transport into Jarden.


  • After a long journey down the carved paths of the mountain one will wander down a calm river that buzzes with light traces of mana. This river will lead to the Jardens checkpoint/the city. The word 'Mahe' means soft. The natives will often come to relax, gather berries, or heal. It is known that a rooted elder Glisari who goes by the name of Selah rest here.


  • One can not leave or enter without first checking with the guards here to make sure nothing is being taken out or brought in without permission. This is for protective measures. Warrior living quarters are included here as well as their training grounds.


  • There are many things to discover and learn in this city...one needs only to look.


  • A two story tavern located in the city’s center.


  • Civilians typically live in town houses but with their current low numbers some places that have vacancy double as inns.


  • The occasional fog rest randomly in the air, inconsistent in its arrival and disappearances, while healing plants, sprites, and Glisari loiter around. Deadly beast are few in numbers.


  • This place used to be a mausoleum. Now, no one is allowed inside unless they have solved the riddle as this is where Yael rest.


  • Any botanist worth their salt would kill to find this place. It is a place where both Jarden and Glisari work as one to cultivate both food and medicine for their little city. So amply named after one of the six in hopes of bringing luck to their city.


  • The Royal/Head family resides here. Many of Jarden’s original historical text are locked away inside one of their libraries.


  • Whether it be sparring room, tech center, or lab...anyone who wants to train (especially to become a member of the Vagev) comes here to hone their skills.