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A wonderfully enchanting city amidst the Steam Jungle of Verdisol. The center palace emits a similar light that the Emerald Keep does from its Great Scion. Arcane elves live here, with a very small population of travelers and other races. This capital is home to a large array of gnomes, constructs, and chimera that protect the city from threats from the Jungle.

Lightvale follows a Parliamentary Rule which makes actions slow and change difficult. Currently there are 44 representatives of Parliament. 

Population: 100,000

Biome: Tamed jungle in Lightvale proper with massive jungle on the exterior.

Important Figures:

  • Orrian Entumal (Deceased)
  • Orelia Entumal
  • Persephone Sylvarath



  • A massive field with a dedicated greenhouse, where botanist and horticulturists study and cultivate all manner of plant life to better produce for Esterin.


  • Barracks housing Lightvale’s Guardians, the city’s guard, as well as some for stationed Peacekeepers. 


  • Lightvale is filled with a bevy of artisans, cuisiniers, and tinkerers with many years in their craft, providing nothing but quality products.   


  • Without a doubt the most popular rest spots in Lightvale. Good food and drink, fine service, and well kept rooms put it a cut above the rest. 


  • Lightvale’s sprawling residential areas. Given the tropical climate, many homes have a much more open air design to them, as well as more typical arrangements.   


  • A wondrous archive either dedicated to or created by a ‘Lady Perennia;’ any history of this woman is unknown. Inspiring architecture holds comparatively numerous volumes.     


  • The seat of Lightvale’s governing body, where representatives gather to debate and enact the will of the people.  


  • A special chamber guarded by Orrian (and now Orellia) and rarely entered by others; contains a special pool that allows one to partake in a measure of divination.


  • The grand manor belonging to Orrian Entumal; after his passing, said estates now rest with his daughter, Orellia. 


  • A curious tower that is anchored to the ground by a series of enchanted chains. The structure proper floats. One either needs wings, a spell, or some type of escort to enter.