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A quiet city inhabited by odd and ends of races. A significant amount of golems maintain the buildings and grounds. There is no singular population that lives here, as it is more of a scholarly retreat. Mistmoore’s tallest tower is enchanted from the inside. On full moons one can see an ethereal being walking across the grounds.

Population: Transient

Population (Golems): 20-50

Biome: Mountainous and colder. A number of waterfalls surround the city, causing a fine mist to permeate the air nearly constantly.

Important Figures:

  • Alexi Goldleaf
  • Kalon, Son of Elseldir, renowned healer across the realm, Guardian of Elu.



  • A beautiful waterfall surrounded by the soft mist spraying from its waters. It is quite a sight for those who travel to the city.


  • Quaint and beautiful streets found throughout Mistmoore, one can lose themselves in thoughts just wandering aimlessly.


  • A forge powered by mana, much more powerful than an actual forge.


  • If a golem is not wandering the streets of Mistmoore or doing work, they’ll be found here.


  • Great spires within Mistmoore, located north of the town and south from the waterfalls.


  • A sprawling system of caves keeping gems, crystals, and ores within walls. There are rumors of an incredible treasure hidden somewhere deep within.


  • Hidden behind a simple wooden gate, this garden represents a beautiful union between Elseldir and Atara. At the center is a crystal fountain with sprouting roses and runes. Those who drink from this spring feel refreshed and healed, while the flowers provide vitality and stamina. 


  • An old observatory found within Mistmoore, on the first floor lies a library with a plethora of different books, and at the top sits a telescope to look up at the sky, although it has not been used in long.


  • Both home and shop; Here resides a man with many hobbies who therefore needs many rooms to host them. Potions, poisons, books, medical/health help, classes....he does it all-- if he's in the mood to do it.


  • Home to the famed Pathfinder's Legion, where proud members are able to gather under a valiant building both tall and sturdy, constructed from refined stone thick and through, complemented by dark, smooth wood. Banners are decorated evenly around the Hall's surface, which can be detailed from afar. Often there are fellow adventurers wandering in and out of the guild house, never without a smile smitten onto their visages. 
    The interior is similar to that of a comfortable lobby of a tavern. Several tables with appropriate seating space themselves in the open area, and in the far right of the room sits a wooden board where adventurers can claim bounties citizens provide. A secretary who monitors the guilds affairs as far as payouts and assigning men and women sits dutifully behind a counter almost adjacent to it all. A calming, serene vibe wafts through the air, and many believe it to be due to the enchanted torches that keep its interior well-lit.


  • A bar and inn located near the center of the city. The crowd here is transient, while behind the bar works a golem, keeping everything running orderly.


  • Garden of life. A sacred place protected by Kalon, hidden from all eyes, when darkness fell over the realm. Even some of the life that perished still thrive here. Only those ‘cursed’ with Kelu may enter. (Kelu=speechless. I cannot say.)


  • As the name implies. A dock to Mistmoore.