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The ruins of an ancient, massive empire from just before the dawn of the Golden Age. Forgotten in the dark and dust, Noct Astoria lay undisturbed for nearly 10,000 years. Until, of course, a group of Vagev stumbled upon it. If anything lays to rest within Noct Astoria it has to be found, if anything lays disturbed it will make itself known. For now the sprawling depths of this forgotten empire lays quiet.

For now...

Population: Unknown

Biome: Dark Reaches, Necropolis

Important Figures: Unknown



  • A quiet, ancient entrance that was once the plaza of a major city. Statues of forgotten heroes line the square, with a dizzying amount of roads, sunken caverns, and other such markers leading further into the earth.


  • Sectioned plots of land with decrepit buildings. Most likely fertile when the sun shone above, they now lay as stone and dust.


  • A winding maze. Once built for ceremony and gaiety, it now appears to be a trap… Either to lure adventurers in or to keep something contained.


  • Vacant homes once filled with life now are still. Some are skeletal structures that threaten to fall over with a slight breeze, while others remain robust through ancient enchantments.


  • Once vibrant marshlands, the estuary is silent and dark, stretching far beyond the walls of Noct Astoria into the deep night.


  • Spiraling, dusty staircases, and rooms intermingled with ancient burial sites. A chill wind picks up the further one descends.


  • Skeleton of the Black Chromatic Dragon Vadrades.


  • Once a central hub for marketplace and entertainment, the piazzo is now, literally, off center. A great force must have landed to break the very ground; the central piazzo tower bends at a 45 degree angle.


  • As the name implies. See the Bestiary for more details on this beast.


  • Description left blank for plot.