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Once a sprawling, oddly urban center located amongst the vast Dark Forest of the Frontier. A great leyline ran through the center of this city. Woodland Elves called this their home, and a nearby Home Tree stood for the Glisari. Elves and other wild species, such as Glisari and Beastmen, coexisted here with some tense relations.

Birchwood followed a Guild method of discourse. Merchants and other craftsmen, including hunters, would often dictate city policy through majority agreement or bribery. There were ten active guilds. The Druid Dragon, Zevar, would occasionally make his presence known here. The population was approximately 80,000-150,000 depending on the season.

AT (After Twilight) 201

An unannounced attack by Dorjan, God of Nightmares, and the Black Dragon, Akubal, destroyed Birchwood in a matter of hours. The valiant druids of the city, including Zevar, fought to protect their homes and lives. Unfortunately, the tides only worsened when Xerxes the Mad appeared and unleashed a Branded hoard upon the already struggling adventurers. In that instance, Akubal landed a critical blow upon Zevar, which broke what was left of the defender’s power.

Those who did not flee were turned into Darklings, Branded, slaves, or killed.

AT (After Twilight) 203
After multiple efforts of various groups the western region of Birchwood was reclaimed. It's corruption has slowly begun to heal...but there is still much work to do.

Population: Transient

Biome: Corrupted forest, dwellings, ruins (healing)

Important Figures:

  • Ko’hrvina Viorica, protector of Dorjan’s domain


Channels marked with ' * ' are mutual territory. Meaning that, because the area is so wide, it is simply divided. Half of the forest belongs to the dark side, half does not...etc.


  • Once full of iridescent liquid that healed and satisfied travelers, this mana spring is now something more nefarious. The mana here glows like an oil sheen on dark water. 


  • The Hometree, once relished by those born of the earth, is now corrupted beyond recognition. However, it was recently discovered that the seed is missing and is, possibly, being nurtured elsewhere. Perhaps there is hope?


  • A sewer system beneath the ruined city. The survivors managed to escape the destruction by fleeing into here. It lead to the survivor’s hideout which was under the home tree. Since the war the path has been closed off as the home tree is unstable...but the sewers are used for other things.


  • The forest that remains around the ruins of Birchwood left to die and rot after Dorjan’s attack. The earth’s cries are said to be heard if one remains quiet long enough to hear. However, over time, life has begun to bloom again ever so slowly.


  • A place of terror and madness. All those who enter return to the world as shadows of their former selves.


  • The side of Birchwood that has yet to be reclaimed. Dormare, Dorjans nightmares, roam freely here as well as branded and darklings. They attack on sight.


  • A vast network of tunnels that predate Akubal’s attack. These tunnels are ancient roots and Dwarven networks hollowed out during the Golden Age. Those that venture deep often never return, either on account of the wandering Darklings and Branded, or something deeper down.


  • As the name states. After the war the west side of Birchwood was reclaimed and those who chose to stay, after all this time, have slowly begun to try to rebuild what was destroyed. The borders are protected by magical fields made from Zevar’s magic crystals and lingering warriors.


  • This is a makeshift station built by the engineering corps that allows safe passage of goods, and people, in and out of Birchwood to the nearest city-- Jarden. From there they can take the next train, or use their feet, to go wherever they want to go.


  • As the name implies. A heavy amount of dark energy can be felt here...along with some hungry growling.


  • The outskirts of Birchwood. Now rife with Darklings and Branded, these woods bode no comforts for travelers. The hunting is rich here… If you survive.