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A massive, enclosed city that houses the majority of Q’thar on Esterin. Srbavayr is a multilayered city, built from the Q’thar’s original ships as well as surrounding natural materials. Living walls and streets, such as jungle vines, trees, as well as curious metals make up the infrastructure of this city. Visitors are welcome, but be warned- there is no magic within Srbavyr’s walls.

Population: 10,000
Biome: Steam Jungle, Urban
Important Figures: Unknown



  • Settlements of houses and huts made by the Q’thar where technology and nature meld in strange harmony.


  • Curious science, experiments, as well as jail cells for those who do not follow the city laws.


  • A central square built on the tomb of the first prophet.


  • Where all Q’thar go to get their chitten made or upgraded. A massive forge that is not ran by another living being but by a machine. (Essentially a massive 3D printer.)


  • Proving grounds for Red Q’Thar. Standard match rules.


  • A massive wildlife park that holds now-extinct flora and fauna from Esterin. The conservatory takes three days to pass from one end to the other on foot.


  • Unique, steam and cool baths that Q’thar can use to shed their scales. 


  • The massive network of sewers and tunnels beneath Srbavayr are monitored for safety by massive machines that roam the halls on set intervals.