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A keenly advanced magitek outpost that is both hard to find and enter. Ice elementals and other creatures guard the city gates from the terrors of the Dark Reaches. It is said that the Black Coats operate from this location, but most people who are uninitiated simply find empty hallways manned by automatons or populated by the occasional passerby. In reality, it is an enchanted castle used as the headquarters for the Mage’s Council. Given the portal to Element’s Point, the Mages have found, for millennia, that their magic is heightened in proximity.

Population: ~500

Biome: Icy Mountains, Constant Winter

Important Figures: N/A



  • Frost coats most things in this garden, including its pathways. Branches are often bare and only the heartiest of plants are grown here.  


  • A large, immaculate tower used to house various species of flying creatures. The mages train these glorious beasts as mounts.


  • Private rooms that are open to those who have business in Vasillica.


  • A spacious and ornately decorated chamber. A glimpse cleanly within reveals pure, unadulterated wealth. The Mage’s Council use this hall as a gathering place.


  • Situated at a location only known to those inside the organization and also known simply as “The Library”, this gigantic study holds every detail society as a whole has ever discovered, no matter how minuscule it is or was. The room itself contains a virtually infinite number of books and important papers, and one can almost dedicate their entire life trying to soak it all in. And that’s only the surface, as the World Archive has 3 echelons in total, which might also be restricted to visitors.
    • Echelon One: Basic knowledge of the Realm and its history, accessible to all visitors.
    • Echelon Two: Highly classified information, due to its hazardous nature to society, or things that better remain hidden forever.
    • Echelon Three: The most ancient and powerful of artifacts that the Council has collected.


  • Spires that mimic all four major elements; earth, wind, water, and fire. It is rumored that these spires connect to Element’s Point through a portal. 


  • Large plaza dedicated to training those with an aptitude for the magical arts.


  • Being one of Guardians of the Gods, Aurmidr’s horde is hidden deep beneath the city. A hidden tunnel provides access to the horde, though, it has yet to be found.