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Approximate size: 485mi² (1256km²)

A vibrant mixture of jungle, parks, sprawling neighborhoods, lakes, and rivers. Of course, at the center of Verdisol is the glimmering jewel of the Emerald Fortress. Minor beasts roam the more natural parts of the territory, but most threats, if any, will come from fellow adventurers or inhabitants.

Unlike other parts of the world, Verdisol is flowing with magic, light, and heat. Most attribute this to the Emerald Fortress, and very few question why, or how, this is possible.

Population: 650,000 + heavy transient

Biome: Significant variability in biome given the size and location of this city. The center of Verdisol is home to the Emerald Cascade, which is Somn’s protected jungle from the Golden Age. Farmlands, residences, dense urban sprawl, as well as forest lands surround the city.

Important Figures:

  • Somn Gangare, Green Lady
  • Elena Gangare, Steward of the Keep
  • Oleander Dwin'rahal, Magister
  • Zevar Gangare
  • Zachary Eden, Lord Knight Commander of the Peacekeepers



  • An improvised settlement within the urban area cramped with shanties and shacks riddled with lower citizens. Only the most destitute are found here. Watch your back around these parts, your pockets even more so...


  • A sprawling undercity from eons past. Verdisol is built upon these ruins. A branded hideout is rumored to exist down here.


  • The center of sprawling Verdisol. You can reach any part of the territory from here as well as people watch the diverse parade of races. Large announcements, events, or important people will usually occur or show up in the Interior.


  • Artificial waterways trenched out by the humans for easier transport across the Safe Lands. Small dinghies travel across the canals day and night delivering various goods to their patrons.


  • Home of the late Sir Heimhart III, the first Peacekeeper, this giant castle now serves as the organization’s headquarters. Beyond the registration office is the main hall, It’s walls adorned by regalia of old. Some members decided to live on one of the many rooms the structure holds, due to personal reasons such as being far from home, or even having no home at all. The basement of the keep is said to hold an insurmountable amount of precious artifacts, which the Peacekeepers has guarded for ages. This place comes first to mind if one were thinking to join the Peacekeepers.


  • Warriors from all over gather here, seeking to test their might or earn a little bit of fame and glory. All combat here is non-lethal.


  • Neon laser lights complimented by bombastic blaring music can be found in this entertainment venue, the ideal place to have a good time with friends and booze; security included, of course.


  • Alleyways that cut from various parts of the city to others. Usually small, dark, and damp.


  • Various vendors from farmers to trinket experts line the stalls of the marketplace looking for their share of coin in exchange for the right commodity. Specialized adventurers merchants can be found here as well, peddling armor, weapons, and supplies.


  • A botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants, most of which are used for scientific study or harvesting for alchemy. The garden also serves as a rather pleasant stroll for conversation, and at night lovers are often seen dotting the landscape.


  • A winding pathway connecting places within the safe lands together, most importantly being a peculiar portal leading to various dimensions. The portal shines bright with daylight; those who step through to Twilight Realm cannot seem to return the same way. Ever-burning lamp posts dot the Park’s pathways, creating a natural barrier against nocturnal creatures.


  • A more calmer tone than a boisterous nightclub, however with an entire wall dedicated to a surplus of spirits leaving in a stable mind is usually frowned upon.


  • Most people live here in varying levels of wealth and luxury. Apartments range from studios to penthouses.


  • A rather small hamlet residing against a gentle river crossing through Verdisol. Lamp posts line the sidewalk for unwary passersby. Wealthy citizens will opt for a Riverside Residence if a penthouse is unavailable.


  • The home of Green Dragon and her children. A lush building with luxury and safety in mind; the walls appear to be made of an enchanted wood and reinforced with gnomish steel and barricades. Very few people enter here, save for trusted Elven servants.


  • Somn’s hoard, a magical jungle that is both infinitely large and confined in the space around the Great Scion. The ground is lined with silver and gold, while tropical birds and other animals, now extinct in the outside world,  live and flourish. A stream runs through the Cascade, at the bottom of which are jewels and small fish. Somn’s personal attendants are often in eyesight or earshot.


  • The tallest point within Verdisol. At its tip seems to be a white-green ever-burning light.


  • Located beneath the palace, a great, expansive lake that seems to be impossibly deep. The liquid mana shimmers like a rainbow, and has water-like viscosity. The lake is surrounded by a fantastic, otherworldly jungle, with massive flowers, shimmering birds, and vines. The shore of the lake is lined with tumbled gems. It is said that the Green Dragon bathes here regularly.


  • Intentionally left blank for storytelling purposes.