Zurak's Arena

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A PvP arena with shifting environmental platforms, up to 4 platforms in play. The rules are as follows:

  1. If you die, you lose -5R permanently while your opponent gains +5R
  2. If you drop below 0R you are unable to be resurrected properly and come back as an Undead



  • Falling victim to the arena will send you here, birthing you from the waters of the resurrection pools. Soft skinned, hairless, you are essentially reborn. Though, you possess less power than you had before.


  • The entrance to Zurak’s arena, where many warriors come to test their might in battle against one another.


  • A standard fighting pit where brawls of various kind can happen.


  • An environmental platform focusing on water based terrain, a mix of rain forest, lakes, swamps, waterfalls and even an ice-covered lake.


  • An environmental platform focusing on fire based terrain, a mix of desert, lava pools, steam pits and a constantly burning forest.


  • An environmental platform focusing on earth based terrain, a mix of jung-forests, grass plains, rocky terrains and a dark cave beneath it all.


  • A room which hosts multiple clutches of dragon eggs of various kinds, powering up the arena.


  • A station for warriors to sign-up and fight within the Arena, hopefully not to return to the resurrection pools.


  • Come here and bet on certain fights to make some quick buck if you’re not really up to fighting yourself, or just want to spectate an interesting match.


  • Similar to the fighting pit, except this one houses beasts of various kinds. Some rare and other common, big and small, one can test themselves against various kinds of creatures.