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    Using Gods and Demi-Gods in Roleplay

    The beings listed below are aspects of the world. Players are encouraged to encounter them or experience their influence when appropriate for a scene, character development, or confirmation from a Gamemaster. The Gods are not meant to be used as wish fulfillment but as something that adds depth and complexity to the world and interactions. The Gods are very much alive, present, and real within the fabric of Esterin's universe.

    • Players can experience interactions with Gods and Goddesses of the Primordial and Secondary generations
    • Staff are not allowed to include interactions by Yurie

    Embodied Metaphysical Constants


    Time Keeper

    The faceless timekeeper of this universe and others. It is rumored that Yurie laid the bricks along the Grey Road. Each individual has a measured amount of time in the world. That measurement, however, is only for Yurie to know.


    Primordial Generation


    Breath of Life

    Elseldir is the aspect of life and the Moon. In his earliest form Elseldir was smitten with the Goddess of Death, Lena, and begat a single child with her. When Surna appeared, the god of Life was naturally drawn to her beauty and warmth.

    Elseldir is thought to be the prime masculine creator of all mortal creatures on Tenebris Realm, breathing life into all who walk within the realm. Some were formed through unions of early, titanic creatures, while others were melded with his hands and moonlight. As the divine aspect of masculine life, he and Marolea have a tumultuous, dynastic affair.

    Arcane elves and demons regard them as their species’ Father.


    Fortuna Fen

    Chaos Incarnate

    The Goddess of Chaos, Fortuna represents the unexpected, unbelievable, and outrageous. Her children are Luck and Misfortune, and she watches with glee from a throne made of gold and jewels. The patroness of gamblers, many often please for her fortunate smirk to help them win bets or sow fear in others. What the Goddess decides to answer, however, is entirely up to her own accord.



    The Final Embrace

    The oldest of all aspects, Lena appeared moments before Elseldir, but it was enough time to establish a cycle of death within the world. In the beginning, the earliest aspects of Death and Life were lovers, constantly commingling their existence. With the appearance of Surna, Lena was spurned. Since that early humiliation, Lena refuses to meet Elseldir, and turns to other forces, both mortal and not, for comfort.

    Lena created the En’yre as her mortal vessels and followers, claiming them all as her "children."

    Those who worship Lena are typically members of Greyguard, but those who honor her are not limited to ministerial admiration.

    Lena 2.jpg


    Flaming Adoration

    Surna burst forth into the universe with an explosion of heat and fire. She filled the void left between Elseldir and Lena. Elseldir, enamored with the aspect of Fire, sought out her company. Their union brought forth unabashed, pure love into the world, which burned away other gods and goddesses. Those who follow Surna's Light are known as the Embers of Surna.


    Secondary Generation


    Arcane Wizard

    A mortal that ascended to godhood through his study of magic. His presence created an elemental-less magic that preserves the order between the elements, forbidden magics, and the great dance of life and death. Many scholars find solace in offering him a prayer when venturing into unknown territory. Charon is considered a patron of academics, wizards, and manatek engineers.



    Goddess of Earth and Seasons

    Born from the deepest pit from the very world she roots herself to, Marolea is the mother of all things earth and nature. Without her, plants would not bloom, rain would not fall, and animals would not thrive. Marolea considers all living creatures her children, but it is said that those who pay heed to the world around them will feel her warmth just that little bit more.

    As mother of growth and prosperity, it is through Marolea's work with Elseldir that Esterin remains standing after Surna’s disappearance. Blessing those she believes will help this monumental task, the goddess wants nothing more than to see the world thriving once again.



    God of Madness and Nightmares

    A man turned divine, Xerxes is the newest incarnation of the aspects of Madness and Nightmares within Esterin. His ascension was unintentional and unwilling. In some ways he represents the truest form of his mantle; a man chained to duty that he does not wish to perform, while screaming to the gods to end his life. Born from the same fire as Surna, Xerxes represents the burning pain of those who sacrifice everything and gain nothing. However, as a new aspect, his power is uncontrolled and chaotic. Only time will tell if Xerxes can retain his standing.