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    General Environment Information

    With the return of Surna, Esterin has standard day and night cycles. There are four seasons per year, and on certain nights when the Moon does not shine, there are eldritch tentacles in the sky. More information on special biomes and locations can be found further down this page.

    [Left]Potential Flight Paths [Right]Manafont and Leylines


    Biomes are considered large areas that are not confined to one specific continent or place. Biomes are associated with different environmental types. Similar biomes are outside of each city as well as on different continents. Within Tenebris Realm, Biomes can be divided into 2 types, that of the Frontier and those of the Rift Lands.

    Mana has no type and is considered a highly dangerous, naturally occurring substance. Mana pools in the wild will have no element or type. Every character has a mana system (much like a circulatory system or nervous system), that is naturally attuned to a certain type of mana which they can expand on. Characters cannot wield contradictory mana types unless they’ve undergone substantial character development. Go here for more information on magic.

    The Frontier has stable mana sources and a wide variety of civilizations and outposts. Additionally, the Frontier represents a very real physical and mental demarcation between normal citizens, adventurers, and places, to those that exist within the Rift Lands. A massive road and now ruined train track network web across the various continents, which often act as boundaries between those trying to survive and the forces of Darkness.

    The Rift Lands contain unstable mana, beings and places. Located within the edge of Darkness that surrounds the Frontier or in small pockets within the Frontier, the Rift Lands can represent a snapshot in time, a particular element’s chaos, something as simple as an ancient ruin, or a substantial, populated city. These lands come and go as needed and are often the center of great events.

    There is overlap between the Frontier and Rift Lands in terms of the biome types, as no one singular continent is made of one type. Below are some examples, and a picture gallery, of the Stable and Unstable Biome Types within Tenebris Realm.

    Stable Biomes

    • Bays, Inlets, Rivers, and Lakes
    • Bog (Swamps)
    • Desert
    • Forests
    • Grasslands
    • Ice Floes
    • Mountains
    • Shrubwood
    • Steam Jungles
    • Taiga
    • Underground Caverns

    Unstable Biomes

    • Leylines (Controlled, Wild, Darkened)
    • Mana Forests (Fey Wood, Brier Forest)
    • Nexus (Altars, Special Locations)
    • Ruins (Gnomish, Faeish)
    • Lost Cities

    Continents, Cities, and Outposts



    Dark Reaches

    Massive in scale, the Dark Reaches offer little in terms of creature comfort and help. Many beings that live here are corrupted or have forsaken society or inhabit long-forgotten cities and civilizations amidst the shadows. A number of city outposts exist within the Dark Reaches, acting as beacons for both weary adventurers and the horrors that dwell within them. It is unknown how large the Dark Reaches are.

    Dragon’s Cradle

    The largest territory of known dragons.

    Esmeen Peninsula

    Far North


    Iron Fall

    Shepherd’s Rest

    • Element’s Point

    The Shard

    • Long Gaze
    • Wanderer’s Landing


    • Crash Site
    • The Crossbones
    • Druid Cave
    • Eastwich Port
    • Flotilla
    • Lost Haven
    • The Queen
    • Settlements
    • Skull Keep
    • Skyshard
    • Verdant Conclave
    • Vessel Interior