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Imperial Demon Houses

Lyeria operates on the concept of estates. Below listed are the estates that are recognized:

1st Estate - Imperials

2nd Estate - Blood Knights

3rd Estate - Everyone Else

Population: 500,000

Biome: Desert, Rocky Crags, Arid Climate

Lyeria is a wonderfully enchanting city between the border of the Rift Lands and Wilds. 200 years ago, during a battle against the rising Darkness, the reigning Emperor perished. With his death, Lyeria vanished from existence, disappearing for nearly two centuries...with its citizens inside it. Two-and-a-half years ago, without warning, it magically reappeared. The citizens within who had disappeared with it had perceived no passage of time, ensuring that the city continued to persist and thrive.

Lyeria is home to imperial Demons. As demons and dragons are natural enemies, tensions are strained between Verdisol and Lyeria. However, demon politics dictate a more diplomatic approach than outright warfare. Lyeria is a traditional monarchy; there is always an Emperor upon the Imperial throne. Legacy of inheritance succession to the Obsidian Throne is through merit and not necessarily bloodline. Many of the noble demon houses will prepare their sons from birth in an attempt to ascend. Subterfuge, assassinations, and political deals are common, as each family tries to gain power and access to the Obsidian Regalia. There are currently fifty Imperial Families.