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Outposts are inhabited, small areas outside of proper cities. They are either intentional settlements or historical places of power. 

Crash Site

The place where a great ship, not from this world, crashed long ago. Ancient, deadly systems will activate on entry, but some q’thar have managed to carve out a home among their ancestral ruins.

Location: Iron Fall

Druid Caves

A mystical collection of caves that are scattered wherever green, ancient forest meets Michara’s waters or Moonlight. Only those who are aligned with nature or have an allegiance to Verdisol may enter. 

Location: Dragon’s Cradle, Shepherd’s Rest

Eastwich Port

The most easterly port in Dragon’s Cradle. Inhabited by vampires and other darker denizens, it is best to simply be on one’s way and not tarry too long.

Location: Dragon’s Cradle

Element’s Point

An intersection of all the known elements in the world. Myths say Atara bore the Guardians here, while others harken the Point was where the gods themselves were born. Either way, it is a curious place full of mana, creatures, and untold secrets.

Location: Shepherd’s Rest

Lost Haven

A western port in Iron Fall, most likely this was once a settlement before Twilight. Now, it is the home of merchants, hardened mercenaries, and the occasional Shade.

Location: Iron Fall


Settlements are scattered throughout the world in a variety of biomes. The safety of these settlements relies entirely on the inhabitants. Many organizations will create settlements to push into the Frontier and Dark Reaches, as well as create small pockets of power for themselves.

Populations can vary from a handful to 100s.

Settles can be located on:

  • Beaches: All continents except H’Nua
  • Bogs: All continents except H’Nua, Iron Fall
  • Deserts: All continents except Iron Fall
  • Forests: All continents except H’Nua
  • Jungle: All continents except H’Nua
  • Ruins: All continents
  • Tundra: All continents, except Shepherd’s Rest


An alien outpost founded on pylons that fell from the Q’thar’s ship eons ago. There are few natural dangers high up in the mountains. Skyshard also acts as an air-ship port. 

Location: Iron Fall

Population: 1,000

Biome: Mountainous, Airy. Significant artificial crystal structures to perpetuate a mana void.

Skull Keep

A fortified Keep located within the Bog, the Skull Keep is an independent headquarters of the Skull Raiders. The Raiders, unlike other city-states, do not exhibit political relations. Their services are offered to those who can pay the most. Skull Keep can house, at most, 5,000 mercenaries.

The total population of the Skull Raiders fluctuates between 10,000 to 15,000 depending on contract status. 

Location: Dragon’s Cradle

Population: 1,000 - 5,000 + transient

Biome: Swampland, Bog, Massive Skull Fortress.

The Crossbones

A smaller settlement near Skull Keep. Moderately populated, generally by family and loved ones of the Raiders, as well as retired Raiders who'd rather not stick around with the younger rabble. A common rest stop for caravans and travelers to ‘cross through,’ hence the name.    

Location: Dragon’s Cradle

Population: 100-200

The Queen

A large sailing boat that houses the Dark Water Flintlocks. Out on the water, you’ll find the crew doing their business and saving lives. At the port, the crew is usually exploring the place they’ve anchored at and the wooden sail boat will be empty.

Location: All oceans and ports.

Population: Can hold a hundred 

Biome: Oceans and Ports