Ruins of Birchwood

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Once a sprawling, oddly urban center located among the vast Dark Forest of the Frontier. A great leyline ran through the center of this city. Woodland Elves called this their home, and a nearby Home Tree stood for the Wild Folk. Other species such as Beastmen dwell here, albeit with tense relations.

Birchwood followed a Guild method of discourse. Merchants and other craftsmen, including hunters, would often dictate city policy through majority agreement or bribery. There were ten active guilds. The Druid Dragon, Zevar, would occasionally make his presence known here. The population was approximately 80,000-150,000 depending on the season.

AT (After Twilight) 203
After multiple efforts of various groups the western region of Birchwood was reclaimed from void corruption.

Population: Transient

Biome: Corrupted forest, dwellings, ruins (healing)