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Population: 100,000 - 150,000 depending on the time of year

Biome: Artificial city structure atop a massive oasis and underground tunnel network.

Taunhill operates on a strict caste system. Many different species, families, and beliefs operate within the city, but Taunhill’s social cornerstone is the value of creation, production, and spiritual fulfillment. Many of Taunhill's visual and cultural norms stem from concepts of fealty, collective empowerment, honoring the home and elders, as well as duty to one's caste, clan, and nation.

  • Emperor - Symbolism of propriety, divinity, leadership, and constitution. The Emperor himself holds little to no power in comparison to the War Lords. A pretty, rare butterfly in a gilded cage.
  • War Lords - Great generals and other such people that have brought great esteem, pride, product, or economy to Taunhill. War Lords are the most influential caste for policy and social behavior.
  • Great Vassals - Known great families that work directly with the War Lords. They have either historically or currently provided great economic or technological incentive to Taunhill.
  • Warriors - Those who have risen from the lower social classes either through their own hand in combat or training from a dojo. Warriors are revered.
  • Peasants - People who generate food, supplies, and other staple goods that keep society moving.
  • Artisans - The generation of non-essential goods, such as art, poetry, and dance.
  • Merchants - Those who resell the work of those above them in order to survive. They produce nothing on their own.
  • Untouchables - The lowest of the low. If one becomes an untouchable they are exiled from normal society and must survive on their own.

Taunhill is a massive city home to the Xerik and some other miscellaneous species. Once forgotten amongst the Dark Reaches, the city was reborn as thriving mecca of trade, arts, and bloody services. Tribal Orcs, Beastkin, and non-magical races inhabit this city. Previously, only on occasion would a Sylph or Wild Folk pass through, but now, caravans filled with many different species enter the walls of Taunhill, looking to trade goods in this city’s vast market.