Home Roleplay Setting Geography Verdisol

Approximate size: 485mi² (1256km²)

A vibrant mixture of jungle, parks, sprawling neighborhoods, lakes, and rivers. Of course, at the center of Verdisol is the glimmering jewel of the Emerald Fortress. Minor beasts roam the more natural parts of the territory, but most threats, if any, will come from fellow adventurers or inhabitants.

Unlike other parts of the world, Verdisol is flowing with magic, light, and heat. Most attribute this to the Emerald Fortress, and very few question why, or how, this is possible.

Population: 1,000,000 + heavy transient

Biome: Significant variability in biome given the size and location of this city. The center of Verdisol is home to the Emerald Cascade, which is Somn’s protected jungle from the Golden Age. Farmlands, residences, dense urban sprawl, as well as forest lands surround the city.