The Interlopers

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Creatures and beings of unfathomable power and chaos. These beings have been called by many names over the years; the Old Ones, Eldritichians, Outsiders, but most commonly and consistently the Interlopers. Originating from a different reality, it is unclear when, or why, these creatures seek out all of those with mana fonts and consume them. Their passage into Esteirn's reality was stopped by the Divine Pantheon, but that blockade has slowly been degrading over time...

Beast of the Deep

Known destroyer of the Golden Age, the Beast slipped through the cracks of reality between Esterin and the realms beyond. Although Lena’s harsh actions stopped any further creatures of its magnitude from reigning havoc on the planet, it’s children and turned Branded still roam free. The Beast has not been active for centuries, and some scholars assume it has died due to being cut off from its host reality.

Tier I (5 DVO)
Tier II (10 DVO)
Tier III (15 DVO)
The Brand Cortex Bleed

-2 WIS


When hit with a successful physical or magical attack, target temporarily loses 3 INT, WIS, and CHA. This effect stacks.

Madman's Conviction

-3 WIS


When hit with a successful physical or magical attack, the target takes an additional +1d8 for each stack of Cortex Bleed they are suffering.

Undertow's Embrace

-4 WIS


Permanently gain STR, DEX, and CON for each life you have sacrificed to the Deep.

Player Character: +4
Major NPC: +2

Your character must make the killing blow.