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    Global Language

    Human Common

    Common has become prevalent due to the staggering percentage of the world’s population being comprised of humans and human descendents. As it became evident that Humans would always be the dominant culture, if only by sheer scale of numbers, it became necessary for anyone who wanted to be a part of the larger picture to learn their tongue. Its original name has been lost to time after it was renamed “Common” to suit its universal nature.

    Commonly Spoken by: All Races

    Difficulty To Learn: Easy to Intermediate

    Real World Equivalent: English

    Native Languages

    Native languages for different species, groups, and cities are listed below. The spoken language of a particular area is often the result of a large population of a certain species. Likewise, certain professions might also be experts in different languages for an expanded business pool or scholarly interest. Some native languages will share common language roots and evolve over time, while others will stand alone with their origins and remain relatively unchanged since their inception.

    Below is a real-world list of languages and what species' language they inspire. Some species do not have specific language inspiration as their populations are low or they might not have a verbal tradition. For more information on particular species, go to their species page.

    Armenian - Asrai

    Bantu - Xerik, Goblin

    Chinese (traditional) - Dragons, Xerik

    Dutch - Orcs

    English - Humans

    French - Common Demons

    Gaelic - Elves, Fey, Gnomes, Wildfolk

    German - En'yre

    Greek - Fey, Dragons

    Latin - Imperial Demons

    Navajo - Djinn, Elementals

    Norwegian - Dwarves

    Samoan - Aquan

    Sanskrit - Dragons