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The journey of life in Esterin is a Grey Road, the interweaving of life and death within one individual. Some gods and goddesses may interfere with the Road, guiding those who walk it down a fork in the path, or looping their fate into an endless ouroboros cycle. The traveler is not without their agency. Their life is what they make it to be; the only two constants are the beginning and the end.

Souls do not exist in Esterin in the traditional sense of the word. The term ‘soul’ has a Judeo-Christian implication of repentance and saviorship. Additionally, unlike Egyptian worship, the soul is not weighed in the afterlife for judgement. Instead, the concept of a manafont (discussed more in Biology) is employed as the third aspect of being. All beings recognize the entrance of their life through Elseldir and exit (rest) with Lena. None, save for Lena, know of what lies beyond her realm.

Manipulation of metaphysical properties (divine physics) time, death, life lead to rifts in reality and the creation of void magic. Weakened divine physics enabled a dimensional door to open. This enabled the old ones to seek out Esterin as they were drawn to the power exhibited by its inhabitants. Mana, to these beings, is like a drug, as such an essence does not exist in their reality.


The different species all can trace their origin to different mana types. These mana types influenced the evolution of species into what they currently are. Certain species, such as Tvarian, Fey, En’yre, and Q’thar are especially influenced by their mana aptitude (or lack thereof).

Every native species of Esterin is comprised of three aspects of their being; the body, mind, and manafont. The manafont travels along the nervous system and acts as both an energy source for mana as well as a reflection of the person’s physiology and psychology. If there is damage to the manafont it can affect the body and mind. Likewise, if there is damage to the mind or body, the trauma can affect the manafont. The three systems are counterweights to one another and act as a balance for the individual.

Many diseases, such as hypomana or scorched, affect the manafont and force it to produce higher or lower mana than normal. In the case of constructs, the original body and manafont are lost through artificial preservation of the mind. Although construct bodies can become near-lifelike, they are unable to use mana or magic through standard means.


Mana has no type and is considered a highly dangerous, naturally occurring substance. Mana pools in the wild will have no element or type. Every character has a mana system (much like a circulatory system or nervous system), that is naturally attuned to a certain type of mana which they can expand on. Characters cannot wield contradictory mana types unless they’ve undergone substantial character development. Go here for more information on magic.

The known manafonts and leylines are shown in the map below.



On Esterin and within the Divine Physics is the concept of the Law of Three. The Law of Three references a perfect balance between the primary gods, the component of life on Esterin, as well as the three phases of life to death. Three is considered a ‘sacred’ or ‘divine’ number that grants good blessings and fortune.


elemental chart.png

The diagram to the left shows all opposing elemental types.

Arcane Magic is elemental-less magic. That is, it has no singular defined element and is not naturally opposed or enhanced by other natural elements. The easiest way to conceptualize arcane magic is to imagine the ROYGBIV light spectrum; white light is all other light bands together. Likewise, arcane magic is all other elements combined.

Void Magic is the result of Arcane Magic or Elemental Magic being used in a way that expressly contradicts the physical properties of the universe. Void magic can bend reality, alter fire to be cold, lightning to freeze, and all sorts of other strange experiences. It creates rifts in the fabric of reality, which has resulted in the Rift Lands as well as the greater state of the world. Note: Void Magic cannot be harnessed by normal players.
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