Oaths of Fealty

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    Oaths of Fealty represent an allegiance to a region specific ideology, city, or family.

    Clan Farfoot

    Location: Birchwood (Formerly) Outskirts of Birchwood.

    Purpose: • To utilize all organizations and countries in the world whilst building up their own strength to reclaim Birchwood.

    Further Details: The Farfoot clan claims to have originated in Birchwood as a once noble family. They have no way to back these claims however as all records of their history in Birchwood were lost. However countless beastkin living around Birchwood have claimed to be descendants of the family. Before long they mostly banded together and came to the conclusion that more numbers were needed. Knowing this would take generations, many of the Farfoot clan came to the conclusion that building up their numbers would be needed, and began growing massive farms to provide for that purpose. Over the years, the clan has had many problems with bandits and entitled adventurers. Many taking whatever they wanted from the lands, be it food or valuables. Militias were formed to prevent this, but it would usually end with most militia members dying. However scouting patrols would reveal a new way to counter the problem. Realizing that information was critical to not only survival, but to achieving their goal as well, the clan began forming scouting militia and setting up spy networks. Now, most of Clan Farfoot are either taking up positions as farmers, scouts, or spies. All of which share a common goal linked through family.

    Clan Ironclaw

    Location: Eisgard and the surrounding territory

    Purpose: • Honor thy ancestors in blood and revelry • Hunt creatures that threaten the ancestral grounds • Serve as an adjacent defender to Eisgard • Grow in numbers, whether Tvarian or Beastkin • As Tvarian, or those proven of body, Hunt the En'yre

    Further Details: The Ironclaw clan are an old, loose family of Tvarian that have lived in the mountains to the north since their historians and shaman can remember. Large, hardy, and fair folk with long memories and even longer grudges. They don't have any long-lasting holds or settlements, preferring to more nomadic and migratory lifestyles but never straying far from what they call their ancestral home. Eisgard was where the First Ironclaw was born, and so the Ironclaw clan will die in its' defense. With the unearthing of the Infinity Corridor, and unnatural phenomena besides, Clan Ironclaw's numbers have dwindled to startlingly low numbers. What used to be primarily Tvarian has now become more open to those of other races. So long as they prove strong, enduring, and honest.

    Harmonia Tribe

    Location: Western H'Nua

    Purpose: Protecting the Magicite crystal, and reclaiming Michara's wellsprings around Esterin

    Further Details: Though all tvarian have the goal of protecting nature, the Harmonia Tribe was once among one of the largest and greatest during the Golden Age. Alas, they too were decimated during the Twilight War, the Magicite they protected being shattered and scattered across Esterin. Zidane C. Harmonia, the sole remaining tribesman, has been reclaiming the shards and reforging the Magicite, hoping to one day return it to its rightful place and restore the tribe to greatness. The Harmonia Tribe were primarily composed of white tigers, but any and all tvarian were welcome to join the fold, and such holds true today; tvarian favoring tropical climates were also quite common.

    Hands of Relvilja

    Primary Location: Lighvale’s Home for the Unfortunate

    Purpose: Worldwide medical care, medical research, relief efforts, etc.

    The Hands of Relvilja is the largest non-profit charity organization in Esterin. They work to provide free shelter, food, clean water, medical care and relief to those in need. Though the charity is overseen by Moonglow’s Oracle, all who wish to aid in this cause are welcomed to join as long as they abide by the rules set forth:

    1. All people are equal no matter species, gender, creed, crimes, title, or background.
    2. Nobody shall be killed in the name of the Hands of Relvilja.
    3. Hands of Relvilja is a non-profit organization. All services provided will be paid for through donations. Nobody will be charged for the services of the faction and donors will not receive special treatment.
    4. Hands of Relvilja shall never work for their own self-interests, unless that self-interest is to serve others, and will always work to make the world a better place.
    5. Hands of Relvilja as an organization, do not associate themselves with any single religion or organization and their own faction based morals will always be more important than the religious or organizational beliefs of an individual.
    6. No Hand shall ever disrespect patients or fellow Hands. All shall be treated with respect so that all can effectively serve the people of Esterin.

    These six tenets must always be followed as breaking any of these rules shall lead to expulsion from Relvilja.

    House Alagoth

    Primary Location: Lyeria

    Purpose: Retrieval and archival of ancient knowledge, study magic

    One of the most ancient houses to exist, the strength of Alagoth has diminished through the passage of time. A middle tier house, they've gained power in a short amount of time through the achievements of their oldest heir, Jurian Alagoth. After participating in the Emperor's Gauntlet along with his brother Alensio, the imperial demon seized the Obsidian Throne for his ancestral family - one of the few Alagoths in history to have taken the mantle of Emperor. He would later forge a firm alliance between his house and House Astoria, thanks to the union between him and his newly crowned empress, Lorelei Astoria. But this fortune would not run for long. The emperor was found dead, murdered weeks after claiming the Throne for his noble family. Though this event shook the bond between Astoria, House Alagoth continues to support the Obsidian Throne and Empress Lorelei to this day.

    Alagoth are openly proud of their ancestral bloodline, while also being renowned for their magical prowess and sometimes their infectious charisma. Alagoth is one of the few houses that openly explore and study magic, even dabbling with forbidden magic if necessary. As such, their main purpose is to not only to protect Lyeria, but to also seek out and preserve the knowledge of all forms of magic, believing that only through this way can they become more in tune with the world itself. Their fortune is maintained through the trade of magical items, scrolls and even their studies.

    House Alagoth is also well-known for their treatment of outsiders: any non-demon may rise from the rank of a simple guard to the role of a captain, provided they demonstrate their potential and their loyalty.

    House Astoria

    Primary Location: Lyeria

    Purpose: Maintain power over the Empire

    The Astoria family is the reigning imperial power within Lyeria. Their objective is to shore their power for a dynasty as well as to expand Lyeria's borders. Those who give Oath to them are well compensated, protected, and will create a legacy for their families.

    House Cay'lus

    Primary Location: Lyeria

    Purpose: Seize Power and become an Influence throughout Esterin. The distribution of weaponry and vehicles of war through sells to obtain a higher goal.

    House Cay’lus, the house behind Hobrik Arms; the main manufacturer of weapons and vehicles of war in Lyeria and becoming throughout Esterin, and it’s outlying territories… Having expanded into Verdisol and Esmere, it is planting its roots deep. It is a widely known house; selling anywhere from tanks to pocket knives, even airships. The house was founded on the principle that anything has a price, loyalty, to causing death. Although, mainly it is the head of the house who is the most commonly known individual within the house. Whoever holds the mantle, generally owns Hobrik Arms. A ‘family-friendly’ business. Generally; the house does not seek anything too ambitious politically, only wanting to expand its industrial empire even further. But, that is all changing.

    House Obscura

    Primary Location: Lyeria

    Purpose: Bards, Fine Arts, Courtly Intrigue

    House Obscura are the premier entertainers in Lyeria. Some of the greatest musicians, actors, and various artists of Esterin have aligned themselves with the family. Once fairly minor, they've now earned the status of a Major House within Lyeria, despite being Libidine, not Imperials. That being said, they have absolutely no designs to ever take the Obsidian Throne. Their only goal is to ensure the safety and stability of Lyeria, while also promoting the continued advancement of the finer arts.

    In addition to being peerless bards, members who take an oath with House Obscura are coveted courtiers. They integrate themselves into the parties and dealings of the rich and royal, using their wiles to uncover secrets, eliminate competition, and guiding things as they will. Just as well, to a lesser degree they also seek to rediscover ancient works of art for preservation. Whatever their focus, however, one can be certain they're the center of attention.

    House Rolencia

    Primary Location: Lyeria

    Purpose: Warriors, manpower, and military might House Rolencia may be lesser in terms of overall political power within the Obsidian Empire, but they are one of the largest in terms of sheer size. Even before the myriad troubles that plagued Lyeria in rapid succession, the Blood Knight ranks were filled with Rolencian soldiers. They're often compared to their contemporaries, House Kriznarick of the en'yre. Rightly so, as House Rolencia has produced some of the most notable Blood Knights throughout their history. From disciplined rank and file soldiers to highly trained special forces, House Rolencia are a bloodline to be reckoned with, all while keeping a sophisticated air about them.

    The Phantom Syndicate

    Primary Location: Dragon's Cradle, but will travel anywhere if the money is good.

    Purpose: To steal enough money to give back to impoverished communities and to separate themselves from the Thousand Eyes. They also hope to donate some of their cut to the renovations of Birchwood.

    Further Details: The Phantom Syndicate is a new outfit of thieves that take on high stakes burglaries and theft jobs. They dabble in forgery and espionage while preferring to keep their hands clean of any violent offenses. However, they are still criminals and won't hesitate to cut anyone down if left with no other options. Their connections within the underground only continue to grow, and they are financially backed by a secret beneficiary.

    Thousand Eyes Guild

    Primary Location: Dranur

    Purpose: Thievery, Smuggling, Racketeering

    Further Details: The Thousand Eyes Guild is a criminal network whose only goal is achieving power and profit, through any means necessary. Smaller outfits operate largely autonomously, but pay dues to the Cadre, an ever-shifting council of the most powerful crime lords who dictate operations throughout Esterin to protect their influence. All disputes and turf wars are handled with a measure of nuance, even when blood is shed; the nature of the Guild breeds competition, assuring that only those that keep vigilant watch - even amongst the Carde, their positions never eternally certain - remain in power, and that the Thousand Eyes will see all until the end of days.