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Organizations are larger scale factions that span the various Cities or unify people as a whole. Working within their city or outside in the territories of Esterin. They pay salary to their members in return for their work, whether it’s engineering a brighter future as part of the Engineering Corps, working with the Magistrate as to keep the government stable, or protecting your city’s citizens by being part of the Peacekeepers or, in Lyeria’s case, the Brimguard.

Factions are player created content to add a sense of fullness to the world. The activity of a faction is entirely dependent on the faction leader and purpose of the faction. Some staff members have factions, while others are ran by players who are at least Exalted.

Beliefs are religious affiliations usually connected to one of the gods. Player characters can freely join the ranks of any of these belief systems unless stated otherwise.

Being Part of an Organization, Faction, or Religion

There are two ways that you can become a part of an organization, faction, or religion. One by opting to be a member during character creation, or two by joining through RP in recruitment or sending a message to the Organization’s leader.


By opting to join one of the organizations, factions, or religions during Character Creation, you can select a rank befitting of your Server Ranking. Adventurers could choose an rank befitting of an adventurer, and an Exalted could choose from ranks in the organization from Exalted all the way to Adventurer.


Joining through RP will be a process in one form or another, and it is generally up to the Organization leader as for how to go about your recruitment. It could be a simple interview, they could send you on a quest, and depending on how it goes they will assign you a rank. If they accept you into the organization, that is.

Advancing in an Organization or Faction

If there is a rank open for a Player of their Server Rank within the Organization or Faction, they can apply for a Promotion or Advancement. Players can advance in two ways, either by Reputation or through a Trial. In either case, one would be required to send a letter to their organization or faction leader requesting to be promoted to the next rank. In case of using Reputation, you must be at the appropriate Reputation Rank (Reputation Ranks 4, 7, and 10 all grant an Organization or Faction Rank). By showing your Rank, or detailing it in the letter, the Leader can promote you. 

  • Note: You can only be promoted three (3) times in this manner.

The other option is advancement through a Trial, in which you can take on a quest assigned by the Organization or Faction. If completed in a satisfactory manner, you will be promoted to the next rank available to you. This trial should depend on the responsibilities required of this new rank. Higher up in the organization you wish to climb, the more difficult and daunting tasks will become.

Advancing in a Religion

To rise in the rankings in a certain belief system, the player must meet certain requirements through roleplay. Dependent on what the belief system requires, the GMs and HGMs are always watching to give players divine quests to benefit their religious organization and help their characters rise in the ranks.