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“Delivering mail just got a helluva lot harder.” - Postmaster Lucianna Glades 1 year after twilight.

The postal service has been around since forever but when darkness began its reign they had to make a few changes. Connections were lost, as well as the majority of their tech, and the people of Esterin were at a loss of what to do about communication...something that was needed more than ever during those dark times with cities wiped out and loved ones missing. So Lucianna found the solution: Start over.

She gathered the willing and they braved the broken roads, stopping any stranglers they came across or knocking on shut doors, three simple words leaving their lips:

“You’ve got mail.”

They found a way where others were shut out and, as time passed, gathered new resources to adapt to the times.

They worked with The Magistrate because they needed funds, magic beyond their capabilities, and information. Then they paired with the Engineering Corps, because they needed new tools and to recover whatever they could that was lost. When everything fell into place they branched out, slowly but surely, until they became the most hardened organization of all. Because, come on, who else was going through hell and high water to deliver your mail?


Postmaster: Responsible for an entire mail distribution section. There are usually two postmasters per city, one of which is always a chimera as their divination powers are highly valued in the postal community. (Gamemaster or Mythic level 10 char who has completed at least 20 E.P.S bounties or events.)

Chief: Mapping out mail processing, field operations, delivery, network operations, and discovering new routes for their couriers and dispatchers. They are can also sometimes be advisers to the postmasters and rarely see field work.

Dispatcher: The cream of the crop. These individuals must be willing to travel and should be prepared for danger at any given time. They see the highest pay, underneath the postmaster and chief, but are the most overworked. They get one paid day off a week and are constantly travelling. If needed they can take an additional half day off. Wouldn’t be good if they died of exhaustion on the job.

  • They must pass a physical exam.
  • Recommended for Level 5 characters. Exalted rank or Completion of 5 E.P.S bounties or events.

Courier: Normal delivery person who delivers in all weather, conditions, etc but on a set route. However, it is not uncommon for a courier to be called to aide a dispatcher in their delivery if they are in range. On those occasions, if the job is accepted, they get paid overtime.

Informant: Their job to know who’s going where and when and to map out the safest routes. They work together using minor scrying spells conducted from the postmasters divination. There are, at most, two dispatchers and three couriers assigned to one informant at a time. They relay necessary information to their assigned persons familiar when needed. (Wisdom and Intelligence modifier cannot be below 0 for this job for obvious reasons. Minor magic recommended but not required.)

Clerk: They sell postage stamps, seals, do paperwork, register essence, sort mail, and do other things that are small, but important, to keep things running.

Maintenance: They apply the runes to familiars, seals, and stamps. They are also in charge of requesting new gear from the engineering corps and new familiars / companions from the Mage’s Council.

Extra Items:

Every member has a badge with their identification and section. Dispatchers also have a dog tag just in case.

Family friendly companion / familiar: These babies work when their owners work and disappear when they don't. Dispatchers have special ones that abide by three commands: ‘Sleep’- The companion shuts off its transmissions for six hours and awakens their owner as soon as the next mail comes. ‘Deliver’- As soon as dispatcher is in range of receiver the companion can, instead of their owner, deliver the goods to the receiver. They return to their master right after. ‘Off’- Similar to the command ‘sleep’ but stays off for 24 hours as they register it as their owners day off. If used a second time in a week it shuts off for 12 hours.

Notes: If their dispatcher dies they return to their assigned postal station or to the nearest dispatcher to continue their job.

  • If a familiar senses that mail is too high of a difficulty to complete (beyond their owners combat / magic level they will say ‘Are you sure you want to deliver this?’ and the owner will have the option to have it reassigned to someone else or brave the danger ahead.
  • These creatures are smart and usually map out their owners route and makes sure if their owner is going to Eisgard to deliver mail they aren't also picking up mail that needs to go to Esmere.

Stun Gun: Sometimes shit gets real. Stun an enemy for one turn once a day. Emergency use only.

Extra bonus: Couriers and dispatchers get free transportation when their badge is shown.

How the postal service works

A person may register themselves to get their mail as young as they desire. The process only cost 5 copper and takes less than ten minutes as long as the person comes with their correct documentation.

For 25 silver more they can register their ‘essence’ into the postal database. By doing so, no matter the place or time, they can receive and send mail. Their essence can come in the form of a lock of hair, a bit of mana, saliva, etc. Simply anything that can determine their person.

There are mail points scattered across Esterin but, even more than that, there are people willing to deliver. Don’t want to go to your nearest postal building? Don’t want to send your familiar or companion on a long journey only for it to return because they don’t know where the recipient is? Just make sure to purchase those special postage stamps and seals and tell your mail to ‘send’. This activates the runes within the stamp or seal allowing your mail to find the nearest dispatcher.

“Recipient not found.”

Stamped or written in red and sent back to the sender. This can occur for a few reasons:

  1. The recipient is dead. It is not the postal's job to alert the sender of such tragic events.
  2. The recipients essence is no longer, or has never been, in the database. This can happen when someone becomes something else. Undead, Construct, Void walker, etc. This person must remember to update their essence.
  3. The recipient changed their name. Sometimes people use an alias, which is fine, as long as the postal has been alerted and essence has been attached.