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The Branded are a sinister, singularly motivated group of people. They follow a sole creed; provide mana, energy, and sacrifices to the Old Ones. They are recognizable by a chaos star brand usually located on their body beneath their clothes. These people will go at any length to see their missions succeed. Branded can be any race and from anywhere. Typically, those who fall victim have exceptionally high mana capabilities or are particularly sensitive to extraplanar events. Branded are undetectable in a crowd unless they use their special abilities or reveal their brand.


The exact benefits of being a Branded are hidden to everyone outside of the organization, as well as the rank members.


Those who have communed with the Old Ones directly. They possess knowledge that goes beyond normal understanding.


A mid-rank of Branded that can bestow the Branded mark on others. Gifters are not able to Brand the unwilling.


The majority of members. These are people who have pledged their allegiance to the Old Ones and have received a wish in return. Every member of the Branded, either through coercion, desperation, and genuine belief, receives their Brand with their own volition.


Branded can transform part of their bodies into claws, tentacles, or even gills to better get around, and they seem to have a high tolerance to cold with sensitivity to heat. More often than not, they prefer to drown their victims over any other method. Additionally, some Branded have hyper insanity, which makes them incapable of seeing reason beyond their current goal.

*Branded characters cannot be made by players. The brand is gifted through RP with a GM.*