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The Branded are a sinister, singularly motivated group of people. They are recognizable by a chaos star brand usually located on their body beneath their clothes. These people will go at any length to see their missions succeed. Branded can be any race and from anywhere. Typically, those who fall victim have exceptionally high mana capabilities or are particularly sensitive to extraplanar events. Additionally, some Branded have hyper insanity, which makes them incapable of seeing reason beyond their current goal. Branded are undetectable in a crowd unless they use their special abilities or reveal their brand.

Branded can transform part of their bodies into claws, shadowy manifestations, or other nightmarish configurations to better get around. They seem to have a high tolerance to cold and heat. More often then not, Branded will burn their victims as an offering to Xerxes. Some might drown, impale, or otherwise maim their victims however, the God of Madness and Nightmares does not care the method, so long as those offered by his followers suffer.
Note: Branded may only worship Xerxes and forfeit any devotion to their former deity.

Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Branded Zealot Cultist Maniac Heretic Riftgazer
+1 DVO +2 DVO +3 DVO +4 DVO +5 DVO +50 EP
Tier I (5 DVO)
Tier II (10 DVO)
Tier III (15 DVO)
The Brand Cortex Bleed

-2 WIS


When hit with a successful physical or magical attack, the target temporarily loses 3 INT, WIS, and CHA. This effect stacks.

Madman's Conviction

-3 WIS


When hit with a successful physical or magical attack, the target takes an additional +1d8 for each stack of Cortex Bleed they are suffering.

Wildfire's Embrace

-4 WIS


When the devotee delivers the killing blow on a PC or NPC (Major) that is under the effect of Cortex Bleed, they permanently gain STR, DEX, and CON.

PC: +4
NPC (Major): +2