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Brimguard Sanguine Elite

“The thing about the Brimguard is that you always see them coming… but that just means you die with piss in your trousers.” ~Paraplegic Survivor of a Brimguard Assault

The Brimguard are a special military force with two chapters located in Lyeria and Esmere and with some recent, but minor, expansion into Dranur by both chapters. The Brimguard are a unique group, through blood rituals dating back thousands of years, they are able to transform their bodies into weapons of war to defend their homes as well as gain prestige. The purpose of the Brimguard, historically, was to allow common demons or non-familied en’yre gain power and ability to either become a Noble Demon House or a recognized En’yre family. 

Like the Peacekeepers, Brimguard have a central creed that they follow, which is based off some concepts of the Order. Lyerian Brimguard and Esemere Brimguard Creeds, however, are significantly different.



  • Conquer the weak and expand Lyeria’s borders
  • Amass power and wealth to compete for the Obsidian Throne
  • Spit on the gods and their games


  • Preserve balance between the Families
  • Protect the sovereign lands of Esmere from invasion
  • See Lena’s will be done and the Sanguine Altar always whetted

With these significant differences in mind, the structure of the Brimguard remains relatively the same between the two cities. 

Blood Trials

The Brimguard follow a concept of Blood Rituals. Blood rituals are heavily frowned upon in other parts of the world, but these Trials are a key portion of a Brimguard’s development. Blood Trials can be as simple as collecting blood from another Brimguard to drink of their power, to as complex as a tournament Gauntlet. It is also common for the Trials to be held during the Sanguinary Rite (an annual, one month event in honor of Lena). Blood Trials can also be deeds that a Brimguard completes- which are thematic to their chapter’s Creed. 

The Blood Trials can also cause more bestial appearances and attributes to appear. Such as tails and wings in demons, and horns or third eyes for En’yre.

NOTE: If a character becomes a Brimguard, they will receive two mandatory enchantments.

Brimguard Rage: if a situation proves to be so dangerous or emotionally distressing (typically established in RP with a loved one being wounded, or the character has less than 40% HP), a Brimguard is able to DOUBLE THEIR ACTIONS for all remaining turns. This can either be:

  • Double Attack 
  • Double Magic Cast
  • Double Skill Check

Blood Oath: a Blood Prince may call their chapter’s entire Legion to their beck and call. If one does not answer the Blood Oath, the character will take (up to) 5DMG per day until either in their Prince’s presence or death.



  • Broodling. The first rank of the Legion. Young demons and en’yre. Open to adventurers.
  • Ritualist. Second rank. Open to veterans and up.
  • Flayer. Third rank. 
    • Open to Exalted and up OR
    • Ritualists that have completed 5 thematic Trials.
  • Archon. Fourth rank.
    • Open to Renowned and up OR
    • Flayers that have completed 10 thematic Trials.


Lords have a special weapon granting them -1DC with Critical Hit.

  • Sanguine Valkyr. Fourth rank.
    • Open to Mythic and up OR
    • Archons thave have completed 15 thematic Trials with Hero (Rank 7) Reputation
  • Blood Prince.
    • Open to Gamemasters. There are currently no Blood Princes.