Cult of the New Dawn

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The Cult of the New Dawn is a well-known group that, despite not being entirely accepted, is not rejected for their views. They walk a very thin thread in society and welcome any who share the same views into their ranks. 

Unlike other religions, the cult does not revere one deity. They believe order is born from chaos; that without chaos there would be no creation, no structure and no existence. Chaos carves and establishes the paths that order walks and builds upon. It is chaos that allows there to be such a thing as order, heroes, and laws; therefore, the scale must always be tilted slightly in favor of chaos. However, chaos must be regulated, for the scale should be tilted, not broken.

If there comes a time where the chaos is out of their hands, they trust the Gods to intervene...just as when there was too much peace twilight came and all was destroyed to restore balance. 

When the scale and prophecy changes, so does their praises. Before Twilight they worshiped The Betrayer and put the fate of balance in the hands of Elseldir. In this era, they worship Lena. However, because of the new prophecy, they believe the balance to depend on multiple divines.



Older members of the Cult who have become leaders. They are trusted individuals expected to maintain the balance within the ranks and protect the members. They are the ones who lead the rituals. When a new Father or Matar is elected the Juveniles are expected to bring items or sacrifices that will boost their power, thus making it easier to protect the members.

  • Earned / Elected through roleplay
  • 2/7 spots filled
    • Malik Aldaine
    • Penefer Robin
  • They receive the following modifiers:
    • +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity, +10 Health.
    • +2 to physical or magical attack bonus.


A member who has successfully learned to promote chaos without creating an imbalance. They have mastered the art of causing trouble, without getting in trouble, and understand that they should not create more than those who promote order can handle. They have learned to walk the line and help guide Juveniles down that same path upholding their one rule: “Nothing is done in cold blood, nothing shall be achieved by hate. Chaos to promote order, but never put justice at stake.”

  • Vet +


A newer member or one who has yet to perfect walking the line. They are branded with the symbol of the cult upon entry.


All members of The New Dawn fall on the line of Chaotic neutral or Lawful evil and therefore have no issue with following the cult’s one rule. Stragglers are individuals who fall outside that line and find themselves to be outcast but still welcome. Their branded symbol has a crimson color at the center, an effect of a spell cast, but it can be dispelled once the straggler learns, and adheres to, balance. If they continue to refuse, they will eventually be killed.

Special Consideration: Once marked as one of the New Dawn members inflict +1dmg

Current Prophecy

“The Stars shall burn with ancient Flames; 
The Moon will rise,
The Tide shall change.
And when the sins have washed away,
Truth will come to reclaim its place. ”

Common Rituals

During a time when they feel as if they have displeased the divines, created too much of an imbalance, or simply when they feel compelled to give an offering, they will offer the blood of a Vestal (virgin member of the group). Sometimes a Father or Matar will also take their virginity at the place of offering.